Your 2018 Gold Glove Winners, According to Me

It's award szn. Let's give out some hardware to the best defensive players in Major League Baseball. Thirteen players on the list have won at least two Golden Gloves prior to this season. Yadier Molina leads the way with EIGHT.

Anyway, here are my picks. Naturally, they'll all probably be wrong, so hypothetically don't use this when you hypothetically bet.


American League

Pitcher: Dallas Keuchel had a 1.000 (perfect) fielding percentage with 27 assists, twice the total of finalist Corey Kluber. Tanaka made an error so...see ya pal.

Catcher: It's a toss-up for me between Maldonado and Perez. Sal Perez played less games, but since he had a 1.000 fielding percentage, I'll go with him.

First base: These guys are all extremely close, but I'm giving it to Justin Smoak. He made just 1 (one) error in 138 games, good for a .999 fielding percentage. All three are extremely deserving, but I think Smoak takes it.

Second base: Jed Lowrie should take this. 4 errors over 136 games gives him far-and-away the best fielding percentage. Congrats Jed. Come back to Boston. Thanks.

Shortstop: Any year that Andrelton Simmons plays enough games to be eligible for this award, he should win it. Full stop. NEXT.

Third base: He has the lowest fielding percentage of the three, but his assist totals are through the roof in comparison. Matt Chapman is my pick. Roll A's.

Left field: Alex Gordon should win this award. But I'm picking Benny anyway.

Centerfield: Sorry guys, Mike Trout had 0 (zero) errors in 125 games. At least JBJ made up for all his errors with his bat during the year!

Right field: MVP at the plate. MVP in the field. Marcus Lynn Betts wins in a landslide.

National League

Pitcher: Either Julio Teheran or Zack Grienke would be great picks. Both had 1.000 fielding percentages and at least 30 assists. Since Grienke is already a four-time winner, I'll stick with him.

Catcher: Yadier Molina. Explanation: See Simmons, Andrelton. Nobody will de-throne the King until he de-thrones himself and retires.

First base: Freddie Freeman. Anthony Rizzo. Joey Votto. An ELITE group to choose from. Statistically speaking, Votto wins the battle by a nose. He's also won once before, so Votto is my winner.

Second base: DJ LeMahieu. Kid's good at baseball. Go Goats.

Shortstop: Nick Ahmed and Freddy Galvis both outplayed Brandon Crawford this season, who's widely known as a defensive wizard. Galvis and Ahmed tied in number of errors, but Galvis played all but two games this season, and had a higher fielding percentage. Advantage (and award): Galvis.

Third base: All the respect in the world to the Mayor of Ding Dong City, but this is a two-horse race. Anthony Rendon played less games than Nolan Arenado (136 vs. 152), but dominated in error total and fielding percentage. Anthony Rendon wins.

Left field: Adam Duvall getting nominated is a weird one. He's out. Yelich had an MVP-caliber season, and deserves recognition for that. Dickerson played a higher percentage of his games in left field, and only had one error in the process. Corey Dickerson takes it.

Centerfield: TWO errors in 150 games. And he's really fast. Billy Hamilton all day. That said, Charlie Blackmon got disrespected.

Right field: I really wish Jon Jay played more this season. Zero errors in 67 games, 45 of which were in right field, is an impressive total. The volume of playing time, however, is not there. Advantage and win to Nick Markakis.

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