Why Do Yankees Fans Always Have An Excuse?

The New York Yankees are the best franchise in baseball history. Collecting 27 World Series rings since their conception. The next closest team is the St. Louis Cardinals with 11 so it really isn't close. The thing that sucks about them winning so damn much back in the day is that their fans now always have an excuse as to why they can't get the job done. It is one of my biggest pet peeves whenever I log on to my Twitter. Every seventh tweet is a Yankees fan retweeting some bum that sits in his moms basement making some crap excuse for them playing poorly. Has it ever occurred to them that maybe they don't have as deep of a team as everyone else?

This is just the most recent tweet sent out that has burnt my ass. Granted, the list is long, but every other team in the majors goes through the same thing. You want to know the names of the players for the Red Sox that have hit the DL this year?

-Dustin Pedroia

-Xander Bogaerts

-Rafael Devers

-Mookie Betts

-Marco Hernandez

-Christian Vazquez

-Blake Swihart

-Ian Kinsler

-Brock Holt

-Chris Sale

-Austin Maddox

-Tyler Thornburg

-Carson Smith

-Steven Wright

-Hector Velazquez

-Eduardo Rodriguez

-Drew Pomeranz

-Brian Johnson

Do you see Red Sox fans complaining that they have the Cy Young front runner out for the second time in a month? Or that the front runner in the MVP race was out for one of their biggest series of the year against the defending World Series Champs? No, because they have the best manager in baseball in Alex Cora, and guys that can pick you up when you go on the DL. It's the next man up mentality that every Boston sports team embodies.

Not to mention the excuse they had at the end of the 2017 season when they fell short of the World Series by one game. "It was a rebuilding year!" Guess what folks, they had the SECOND highest payroll in baseball going into Opening Day.


So Yankees fans can cry themselves to sleep somewhere else, because I'm sick of it. Find a new angle and try to be better for me.

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