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Wrestlemania is here. FINALLY

It’s here. It’s finally here. Wrestlemania comes back home to New York at Metlife Stadium this Sunday.The Super Bowl of the worldwide leader in sports entertainment is set to be seven hours. Yes, I said SEVEN hours long, beginning at five o’clock. A seven hour spectacle to close out the crazy “season.”

Wrestlemania is my Christmas. Every year, I wake up with an extra pep in my step. Walk outside sporting my favorite wrestling t-shirt that year. (Spoiler alert I will be rocking my Booty O’s shirt in honor of Kofi Kingston. #KofiMania). The sun shines on my car as I sip my Dunkin coffee, blast WWE theme songs, and race home to plant my ass on the couch to strap in for a day filled of sports entertainment.

I could go on and on about how much this event means to me and get really sentimental, but the point is that I love Wrestlemania. In my opinion, this should be a national holiday. After watching RAW and Smackdown every week with one of my best friends(Shout out Josh), I am prepared for this year’s season finale of WWE programming. With a star studded card, this show has potential to be one of the best in recent history. With this potential comes great responsibility. Who will win? Who will walk out of MetLife Stadium champion? It’s time for Pitts’ Picks. So sit back, relax, grab a snack, fill up your drink and strap in. We have a lot to cover.

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal has became an annuel match at the grandest stage of them all. This match for the casual wrestling fan is a chance to watch superstars who would not be on the card due to either being jobbers, NXT talent…..or SNL Weekend Update hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost. Those two celebrities make this match watchable for me. Over the past few weeks they have been feuding with Braun Strowman. You know, the smartest thing you could do in wrestling. They attempted to make a peace offering by giving him a free car, but Strowman decided to destroy the car with his bare hands instead. Oh don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself

My pick for this match is pretty obvious. Braun will dominate this match, toss Che and Jost out with ease, then go back to be fighting for the Universal Championship.

The Cruiserweight title match interests me. This will most likely be a pre-show match to lure viewers into watching the actual PPV. I’m not going to sugar coat this; I have zero interest in this match. I am a fan of Tony Nese from the Cruiserweight Classic. Buddy Murphy has grown into a great singles talent on 205 Live. The two men will put on a solid four star match. Tony Nese will defeat Murphy to elevate Nese into championship glory. Their feud has been great, but not enough for the main card. Nese over Murphy lock it in.

The first tag team match on the prediction sheet. The Usos will put their titles on the line after forfeiting their match against New Day in order for Kofi to face Daniel Bryan. Rusev and Nakamura, The Bar, and Ricochet and Aleister Black look to capture their Wrestlemania moment. There is a major problem with this match. NO LADDERS!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Wrestlemania needs a ladder match. It is an easy way to get the crowd on their feet screaming for their favorite team to take home gold. Also, Ricochet is a human highlight reel. The man flies through the air like a superhero. Having him jump off a ladder performing his finisher would blow the (metaphorical) roof off the building. Sorry, I digress. There is a lot of talent in this match. A lot of potential winners, but if I had to choose one team it is Black and Ricochet. This is a perfect segway to calling them up to the main card. Making them champions, feud with the Usos for a few months, then have them continue their singles careers. I’m sick of seeing The Bar and confused why Nakamura is teaming with Rusev. Those four guys need to split. Hopefully this match kick starts it.

Curt Hawkins looks to end his 200+ match losing streak as he and Zack Ryder take on the Revival. I love the Revival. They are one of the few traditional tag teams left in WWE. They define what it means to be a tag team. Ryder and Hawkins are attempting to relive their days as the “EdgeHeads” and squeak out a win for Hawkins sake. Listen, I am all for Hawkins winning this match, but not here. Revival will win in a close one and regain the titles. I swear if Hawkins and Ryder win, my head will explode. Please, WWE, don’t do it. Don’t use his losing streak as a cheap pop. It will only anger the Universe, not please it.

This will be the first match of the pre-show. Again similar to the Andre battle royal, this is an opportunity for the women stars to get a ‘Mania moment in a battle royal setting. I’ll just get right to the chase. Asuka wins this match. It will come down to her and Mandy Rose, which will set up a future feud between the two. I’m for it.

Kurt Angle’s “final” match will take place this Sunday at MetLife. Kurt Angle’s career comes to a close and I am heartbroken. Angle revolutionized the industry. He won a gold medal with a broken freakin’ neck. He knew how to get a reaction from the crowd. Kurt Angle had the whole package. My only issue with this being his retirement match is the fact he is facing Baron “Bartender” Corbin. I understand they have been feuding, but Angle’s last match should be against a legendary rival. John Cena would have been the perfect opponent. He and Angle had some amazing matches in the past and one more would have been a nice end to the Angle story. Angle takes this one because there is no way Corbin should win this match. Angle makes him tap for one final time.

This feud has been exciting to follow. Two people I did not expect to have an interesting rivalry, but end up having a top feud so far. However, throwing the Miz’s dad into it is a bit overkill. Shane McMahon has been in the last few ‘Manias and stolen the show at each one. Falls count anywhere is the best possible stipulation for this match. It gives both superstars opportunities for incredible moves, aka Shane to jump off something insane. I need two insane moves from McMahon for a successful match. Miz wins this match. Miz needs the win to properly go over Shane and get back into the title picture. His gimmick is finally over to the point where fans want to see him with a championship over his shoulder. Miz needs to be elevated to that next step.

I spoke about a tag team title match needing a ladder match. That goes for this match as well. What a better way to start the show with four teams fighting for the new Women’s Tag Team Championship as it hangs above the ring. It adds that element of credibility for the championship. Teams will brutalize one another to no limit to become champion. Every team in this match has a chance at winning. Sasha and Bayley are red hot coming off their win. Nia and Tamina are a force to be wreckin with. Beth Phoenix and Natalya have the nostalgic factor. The IIconics have the surprise factor. My pick has to be Sasha and Bailey. For a successful show, there needs to be the perfect amount of title changes and retains. With other matches where the challenger is favored to win(Lynch & Kofi), there needs to be at least two retains. This match has one of them. The duo needs to hold on to the titles for at least a couple more months. They have the ability to have feuds with great teams to legitimize this division. The Boss ‘N Hug Connection take the W.

This match could go one of two ways. The first being a squash match. Fans don’t chant “Joe’s gonna kill you,” to be clever. He actually can destroy someone in the ring. Mysterio could possibly be his next victim. The other way is a classic drawn out match. Both men go blow for blow. But they all end the same. Joe wins. The Dominic factor plays a crucial role because he could interfere in the match. If this happens, Mysterio could walk out new U.S champion. However, it’s a no from me, dog. I still will take Joe. This feud has potential to be a longer feud into the next few PPVs.

I’m just going to get to the point with this one. Demon King is making a return. This feud has been going on for months. Demon King refuses to lose. New Intercontinental champion. Put the belt on Finn then have him feud with McIntyre. If you think Lashley walks out champion, stop what you are doing and figure it out.

The match we have been wanting for a couple years now. The match that needed to happen at Wrestlemania finally happens this Sunday. This all started because Batista crashed Flair’s birthday party and dragged him to the parking lot to get HHH attention. Weak start to the storyline, but Batista’s promo last week on RAW hooked the Universe in seconds. This match will be a war. This will go all over the arena. There will be blood, sweat, and maybe a sledgehammer or two. The game will be over for Batista. Triple H ends this storyline with a devastating pedigree with help from a weapon and stand tall over his enemy. This will not be the last we see of Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a ring.

This match started as a filler, but turned out to become an intense rivalry. Two men who have different paths to the WWE square off for the first time in one on one action. Their segment on Smackdown last week added fuel to the fire for this match. It got the crowd into the feud. This has a chance to be the dark horse match of the night.

Orton hits an RKO from an insane spot, either from the top rope or turnbuckle. A standing ovation match that will end up being made into a sequel come the next month’s PPV.

Roman is back. He kicked cancer’s ass and hopes to do the same to Drew McIntyre. McIntyre’s promos have toed the line of shoot or scripted, but that is what makes this rivalry so intense. Him bringing out the cancer remarks poured gasoline on the flame. This match will be two 16 wheelers crashing into each other. Those claymore kicks are deadly. It could knock someone’s head off. But Roman will charge up his superman punches and defeat the Scottish Psychopath. A feel good moment brought to you by Roman Reigns will be at the end of this match.

Alright, here we go. Time to dissect my favorite match on the card. Eleven years. Eleven long years Kofi Kingston has grinded. He has clawed his way to a main event match at the granddaddy of them all. No man in the company deserves a shot at the most prestigious championship in wrestling. He has that opportunity Sunday. Kofi is the most over male superstar at the moment. Crowds fill the arena holding up #KofiMania signs. He is in the role Daniel Bryan was 5 years ago at the same event. B+ player, not good enough, being replaced in title matches by other superstars. We’ve seen this narrative before. Bryan will be passing the torch when he’s in some trouble in paradise in the middle of the ring. Kofi Kingston will leave MetLife a champion. There is no doubt in my mind. Book it.

Suplex City will be invaded by an arsonist looking to burn it down. Rollins is coming off a Rumble victory, a successful Shield reunion, and ready to dethrone the beast. It is time someone took Brock down. I can already picture the match. Brock hits Rollins with four straight German Suplexes. Then hits him with an F5. But that won’t keep him down. The match will be a dog fight. Rollins will fight for his life. Reigns or Ambrose may interfere to set up a potential feud for the next few months. The biggest issue with the desired outcome, Rollins pinning Lesnar, was reported by Slice Wrestling on Thursday.

Listen, I’m sick of Brock. I’m fed up with him showing up on his own schedule. Fighting in the main event against someone who is more deserving of the championship and eventually winning not to be seen for three more months. Lesnar needs to go away for awhile. Suplex City needs to be burned down. Rollins has the chance to do so. Rollins wins. The WWE Universe does as well.

The historic main event. The women’s revolution hits a new high on Sunday. Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch prepare for the biggest match in their careers. The development of this rivalry has been the best for a Wrestlemania main event since Austin Rock II (Wrestlemania X7). Becky Lynch has became the new Stone Cold. Standing up to the Authority, attacking her opponents on the weekly shows, and even being escorted out of arenas in handcuffs twice! From a month before the Rumble to now, Becky Lynch has became the most popular superstar in the company. Fans fill arenas just to see her week in and week out. On the flip side, Rousey has became the new Roman Reigns. Being booed to the point where she cannot get through a promo and completely turning on the WWE Universe. Charlotte Flair fits in well to this equation. She acts as a enhancer for the match. These three women will revolutionize the wrestling industry in one match. A match that has the hype to be the greatest women’s wrestling match of all time. It is all about execution. Lynch needs to pin Ronda to become the Undisputed champion. The final shot of the show will be Becky Lynch with both championships on the top rope with pyro blasting off in the background. It will be an image engraved in wrestling fans’ memories forever. It will be an image that inspires young women to become the future. An image that properly closes the curtain on another amazing “season” of the WWE.

Wrestlemania is an amazing event that brings fans from across the globe together for one incredible weekend. Storylines culminate while others begin. An event that honors legends of the past and inspires legends of the future. I have never been more excited to sit on a couch for over 7 hours for a show in my life. Wrestlemania: where memories are created. See you Sunday, WWE.

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