Was Brock Holt's Noise Loud Enough to Wake the Yankees?

Last night the Boston Red Sox scored two touchdowns and converted both two point conversions on their way to putting up 16 against the Yankees. But this is baseball, the only way to look at the score and not think it was a football game is that the Yankees only scored once, which to only score a single point in football is impossible. Nevertheless lets dive into game 3 for a minute.

First things first, Chicago gentlemen. My old baseball coach would say that before every game, meaning score early and score often. That is exactly what the Red Sox did. After Severino got out of the first clean, the Sox then went on to score 1 in the second, 2 in the third, and SEVEN in the fourth. Finally the Fightin Alex Cora's finished the night scoring six runs from the seventh inning on. The night was capped off by Brock Holt hitting a two run home run off of a future ace in Austin Romine to complete the cycle.

The insertion of Brock Holt and Rafeal Devers into the starting lineup was a huge story line going into game 3. Especially since going into last night those two were a combined 1-27 against the Yankees starter Luis Severino. Adding two lefties to the lineup in Yankee Stadium made sense to me since it puts the short porch in right very much into play. That short porch would become a huge part of Brock Holts cycle because his home run was only projected at like 350 feet and I think that is being generous. People would think I would be happy about last nights win, and I am but I am on to game 4 and I am very worried about tonight's game.

Reason 1: Brock Holt. After the game the Brock star had a post game interview as he should after hitting the first cycle in postseason history.

I don't have a problem with running up the score. I do not have a problem Benintendi being aggressive, I do not have a problem with Holt hitting the home run. What I do have a problem with is Brock telling his teammates "You need to get me up" and that he was trying to hit a home run. Save that for the World Series DVD, you still got another game to win. If that's not bulletin board material I don't know what is. To think Aaron Judge playing "New York, New York" outside of the Red Sox clubhouse after game two was bad, this is that much worse. Especially with the biggest hardo in the history of Major League Baseball pitching for Yankees tonight, those comments are not what I would like to hear. Which leads me into reason two.

Reason 2: Waking up the Yankees. From pregame warm ups, the Yankees didn't have it. Every one who buttoned up those pinstripes last night was asleep. Lets start at Luis Severino not knowing what time the game started. How does that happen? Everyone from Boone, to Rothschild, to Severino and Sanchez should be ashamed of that. How does not one guy on the team say "Hey Louis do you but you know the game starts in 20 minutes, right?" Nope, it took until 7:28 for Larry Rothschild to tell him the game was in 12 minutes. Then after the bottom of the first, the TBS broadcast peaked into the Yankee dugout and showed a couple of the Yankee outfielders changing cleats. It looked like Gardner had a pair of tennis shoes on like he didn't realize that the field was gonna be wet. Once again just not awake. I could go on all day, like having a slippery mound but not fixing the actual hole Severino left on the mound as all 280 pounds of Lance Lynn collapse after slipping in said hole. But what is Boone doing? You dope. Putting a starting pitcher into the game in that situation when you have the Yankees bullpen? A five or six run game in that stadium, with the arms in the Red Sox bullpen isn't out of the question. Give Lynn a clean inning, not bases loaded with no outs. Inexcusable especially in the playoffs. But with all that being said I expect the Yankees to be wide awake, and if a 16-1 rout didn't wake them up I would hope those comments by Brock Holt did. If they come out tonight, asleep again, after what happened last night and having CC on the mound, I'd fire Boone before he walked down the clubhouse hallway. You couldn't get your team ready for an elimination game against your most hated rival you sack less creature you. But I fully expect for the Yankees to be the Yankees tonight.

Reason 3: Angel Hernandez. This guy stinks. That bum had three calls overturned at first last night. Some were bang bang but calling Didi out on that attempted double play was honestly just heinous. Tonight he is behind the plate, I understand that Umpire positions are decided upon before the series but this guy is the worst. He will screw one of the teams tonight. In a game where one missed strike call could cost the series, he can't be behind the plate. He wonders why the MLB never put him on playoff crews before he sued. Its because you stink. Not because of any other reason. Pedro said it best after the game, "Jesus Christ".

Reason 4: History. People forget what sparked the greatest comeback in sports history, Dan Shaughnessy and the New York Yankees. Shaughnessy called the 04 Red Sox "frauds" after getting absolutely demolished by the Yankees in game 3 of the 04 ALCS 19-8. The Yankees took a 3-0 series lead and then after the Yankees let the Red Sox win game four, Pedro went game five, Schilling went game 6, and everyone went game 7. That team woke up even after no one in the Yankees dugout put up any bulletin board material. I fully expect the Yankees to come out and play tonight in game 4. Who ever wins tonight's game will win the Series. The only way I would be happy knowing that the Red Sox are coming back to Fenway is if its to play the Astros in the ALCS. A lot of people think game 4 is a must win, some may even describe it as a can't lose for the Red Sox. To me, its both.

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