• Will Rasmussen


Last night the Red Sox took a 2-0 series lead in the World Series after beating the Dodgers 4-2. The Red Sox pitching staff was masterful all night starting with David Price and ending with Craig Kimbrel. Price picked up his second career postseason win after going six with only allowing two runs on three hits and striking out five. After Price departed, in came Jace Kelly. Joe Kelly has been unbelievable in the World Series. In fact the bullpen has been outstanding, with the exception of Brasier in Game 1 who gave up the only run in 8 innings the bullpen has seen. I also love how Cora is playing the hot hand in Nate Eovaldi who again threw a scoreless frame not allowing a runner. Finally, Craig Kimbrel, I am relieved that he figured it out. He has been everything a closer needs to be this series. After almost sending me into cardiac arrest multiple times throughout the postseason it looks like Dirty Craig has his swagger back.

I want Cora and the Sox to just roll those three guys out there until the Dodgers figure out how to hit them. Which leads me to the question, will they?

The huge knock on the Dodgers and more importantly Dave Roberts in the World Series is that they have been blinded by numbers and match ups. In the two games at Fenway Park the Red Sox sent two lefties in Chris Sale and David Price to the bump. To combat that and get the theoretical better "match ups" Dave Roberts has started more right handed hitters that way he can have lefty hitters come off the bench against the Red Sox bullpen that if you take out the starters, do not have a lefty pitcher. It make sense in Microsoft Excel but this is not an accounting firm, its the World Series.

Between Cody Bellinger and Max Muncy, Dave Roberts had 60 home runs on the bench between the two. Bellinger was the NLCS MVP and Muncy had 35 home runs but they are on the bench because of a "better match up." Play the hot hand, the fact that Kike Hernandez is out there who is 3 for his last 32 because he's a righty is just crazy. Hernandez would be the perfect guy to come off the bench because he can play anywhere as we saw in Game 1 where he played three different positions. But nope the nerds say the two at bats he may get against the starter has a better chance at getting a hit and producing a run then two lefties that hit 60 combined home runs. Its banana land.

I have no problem with playing the match ups with guys like Brock Holt and Ian Kinsler. People with similar numbers, not with people with power like Bellinger and Muncy. For example I didn't like Cora calling Eduardo Nunez (righty) to the plate in Game 1 against Alex Wood (lefty), but it payed off playing that match up even though Devers has been hotter than a fox in a forest fire. So they do work sometimes, but to not only do it once but in two games to start two lefty sluggers on the bench is just flagrant idiocy.

But with Porcello slated for Game 3, and most likely Eovaldi in Game 4 the Dodger lefties will be in the lineup. With that being said the Red Sox only have to play .400 baseball for the rest of the way and they will be World Champs for the fourth time in 14 years. LFG.

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