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The Tigers Never Should've Beat The Gladiators in Kicking & Screaming

Way the heck back in 2005, Will Ferrell re-entered the sports-comedy-movie realm with Kicking & Screaming. For those that don't know it, first of all, educate yourselves. It's on Hulu. I just watched it again last night.

The movie stars Will Ferrell as Phil Weston, an innocent dad who takes over his son's soccer team after the first coach "cracks under the pressure" and leaves town. The movie also features Kate Walsh as Weston's wife, Robert Duvall as Weston's father, a 13-year old Josh Hutcherson as Weston's much younger brother, and Mike Ditka playing himself (kind of).

After Phil's son, Sam, is traded from the Gladiators (his own grandfather's team) to the Tigers, Phil pulls out all the stops to beat his dad's team. What did Phil do, exactly? Well...

*He brought in two ringers from Ditka's Italian butcher shop

*He got addicted to caffeine and became a monster

*He benched his own son

*He threatened to eat a player at a team camping trip

Classic feel-good soccer movie antics.

Regardless, he learns his lesson, re-connects with his son, the Tigers pull off the upset, blah blah blah.

Here's the thing...the Tigers never should've beaten the Gladiators in the finals.

With the Tigers down a goal, Jack Watson caught a pass and took it to the far sideline.

(Sorry in advance for having to take a picture of a computer screen)

He tries to stop the ball on the line, like this...

But then, as he goes to kick the ball into the box, it doesn't completely stop...

And at a closer look...


The Tigers went on to beat the Gladiators on an UNREAL goal from Sam Weston.

But, if I were Buck Weston, I'd want to check the tape on this one. Because the Gladiators got screwed on this one.

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