The Pats Are Back, But Did They Ever Actually Leave?

People, we have seen this before. The Patriots get off to a slow start, going 1-2 in their first three games. Does this mean anything in regards to the way New England’s season will finish? Absolutely not.

Today, against the 3-0 Miami Dolphins, New England made a statement to the league that they are still a force to be reckoned with, winning by a score of 38-7. If you have followed this team as closely as I have for the past couple years, you would not be surprised by this outcome. Sure, the Fins looked pretty solid in their first three weeks, but let’s not forget who the Patriots are, as much as people outside of New England may want to see them fail. It seems as though every time the Pats suffer a bad loss, they come out with a vengeance the following week. We have seen this trend in almost every season they captured the Super Bowl in. The most notable one occurred back in 2014, when New England was blown out by Kansas City 41-14 on Monday Night Football in week 4. I think we all can recall what happened the following week, as the “we’re onto Cincinnati” mentality flourished in week 5 with a statement win against the Bengals.

Fast forward to 2018, and another Patriots team that is being doubted early on in the season. I am not saying this win over the Dolphins, a team not projected to make the playoffs, means the Pats are destined for another Super Bowl victory. It is just yet another reminder to the rest of the league that they are not going anywhere. And I knew this was going to happen today, I absolutely KNEW IT. The Pats may have their occasional stinker like last game against Detroit, but they almost always counter that with an imposing bounce back the following week.

The rushing attack could pay dividends for this squad, with rookie Sony Michel proving his first round worth today with 112 yards rushing and a touchdown. His play could be vital for the offense, taking a little bit of pressure off of Brady and the passing attack, while also opening up the play action more. As for the defense, it will be interesting to see how they progress. This is not a defense that I expect to take the ball away much or develop a high-end pass rush, but they do have the potential to be an elite defense in terms of points allowed.

So, what does this mean for how this season will end up for the 2018 New England Patriots? Only time will tell. But, I will tell you that if you for one second thought that this team was done or that Tom Brady has lost his touch, you were DEAD wrong. Along with Jacksonville and Kansas City, two teams who have been very impressive thus far, New England is right in that mix in the AFC once again. Whether or not TB12 and the boys will bring home ring #6 cannot be determined this early, but I am confident that this team’s best football is ahead of them.

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