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The Boston Celtics lack "Ubuntu"

Before I start this post, I need everyone to know something about me. I am a nostalgic person. I love history, specifically sports history. I love reminiscing about teams from the past, Boston and the rest of the nation's teams. Memories of these teams, players, moments, and storylines gives me excitement.

After watching two documentaries on the last two Celtics championship teams(86 & 07) and scrolling social media to find Kyrie Irving saying something stupid, I need to vent. THE BOSTON CELTICS WILL NOT WIN THE NBA FINALS LET ALONE MAKE IT. *exhale* In a year filled with championships and parades, Brad Steven's and his squad will not stroll around Copley Square in a duck boat. The reason is plain and simple: They are a bunch of talented individual players; they are not a team. They lack Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a South African term that means, "I am because we are." A term that the 2007-08 Celtics adapted at the beginning of their season. Doc Rivers forced Glen Davis to read the word's meaning in front of the entire team. From that moment on, the Celtics became a team. They not only became a team, but a family. From competitive card games on plane rides to fights at practice, they fought to make each other better.

This Celtics team ain't it chef. They do not have Ubuntu. It is a bunch of individuals who want the spotlight shined on them at all times. Kyrie's attitude is unacceptable. His attitude is an embarrassing example of a "leadership." His comments towards the media started out hilarious. "Oh, he's just focused on basketball and winning games for the team." WRONG PAT YOU ARE WRONG. Marcus Smart and Marcus Morris have spoke out about the team not being "together."

A team with this star power should not be having these problems. Morris making empty promises, Kyrie saying how much he won't miss "this sh*t" when he retires. I'm done with it. Championship Celtics teams of the past did not have these issues. They were a team on and off the court. They didn't make statements to the media that blow up social media the next day and cause basketball fans everywhere to start planning the next big three formation in Kyrie, Durant, and Klay. I am a Celtics fan. I am a Boston sports fan. Sometimes I can be a bit bias, but not this time. Kevin McHale was quoted in the Boston Globe today saying how they need to put more focus on two or three guys to be the vocal point of the offense. I agree with this point, but it doesn't look like Stevens can decide who they'll be. The players can't even decide.

After today's loss to the Rockets, the 7th in 10 games, this team is struggling. Struggling for a win. Struggling to find Ubuntu. Without Ubuntu, this team is nothing but individuals fighting for a pay day. They are fighting for themselves, not one another.

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