The Bachelorette: Season 13 Rewind

IT'S BACK TO SCHOOL, BITCHES!! And I'm stoked - REALLY, I am. Most people going into their senior year of college tend to get those "end of summer scaries..." but me? NO. LET'S ROCK.

It's quite obvious (considering the title of this post) what you'll be getting from me here on the BRAND SPANKIN' NEW FTB website. Anyone who knows me knows that my biggest guilty pleasure EVER is the Bachelor franchise. I love it so much... to the point where I've even tried to get our guy, Dan Bahl, into it. (And I think I have - kind of!!) Anyway, the only reason I'm bummed to be back at school is because of the Monday night ritual I have established at home.

Back in the motherland (Jersey,) every Monday night I head over to my best friend's house to watch the Bachelor... or the Bachelorette... or Bachelor in Paradise (I'm here for ALL OF IT!!) These nights usually consist of snacks, the occasional glass of wine and - my favorite - brutally judging all of the contestants with my best friends. WOOHOO.

Since this website just launched, I figured I'd recap the Bachelorette season 13, which ended just a few short weeks ago. Becca Kufrin was our leading lady and most of you may remember her as the winner of the Bachelor season 22. DING DING DING! YES - Becca was the one who was heartlessly dumped on national television!! Look, I know she is a total sweetheart and I know America loved her, but honestly, her season of the Bachelorette turned out to be the biggest snoozefest ever. It's not even necessarily to the fault of Becca... casting was just horrible. The majority of her guys turned out to be straight up FOOLS... including her winner, but I digress.

So let's rewind the tape. It's finale night and Becca just sent home Jason Tartick (my favorite, of course.) This leaves her with Blake Horstmann and Garrett Yrigoyen as the final two. Two guys with two VERY unfortunate last names. Both men meet with Neil Lane - who is wearing WAY too much makeup - and they each pick out an engagement ring for Becca. Of course, Becca is shown in her hotel room on the morning of her inevitable engagement STILL "unsure" of who she will pick. Although, who really believes she feels that way? NOT ME. Let's get real... a girl KNOWS what she wants.

Becca's final three. Garrett Yrigoyen, Blake Horstmann, Jason Tartick. Photo courtesy of E News.

Becca breaks up with Blake, just as he is about to propose to her and ends up choosing Garrett to be the one she spends "the rest of her life with." (I give it six months.) Why do I feel that way? I'M GLAD YOU ASKED. Becca's season came with much controversy, as fans dug up hateful posts that Garrett had liked on Instagram. These posts mocked transgender people, undocumented immigrants, liberal women and Parkland High School students... ridiculous, right? His apparent political views are especially alarming considering Becca has consistently presented herself as a strong independent woman, a liberal and a feminist. Although she defended her fiancé for liking these posts on the show, it makes me wonder how much of a toll this incident took on their relationship...

Shockingly, even after all this BALONEY, I still believe Becca and Garrett are more compatible than Becca and Blake would have been. Becca and Garrett have clear chemistry and other than his unfortunate opinions, they seem to be on the same page in life - ready to settle down, get married, have children, etc. Becca and Blake always had a superficial chemistry to me. Their relationship really never went deep enough... and I can't exactly picture Becca and Blake being life partners, parents, teammates, etc. together. They just didn't seem like the right match.

Regardless, I'm happy this season is over, not only because it was incredibly boring, but also because it's time for Bachelor in Paradise!! For those who are unfamiliar, Bachelor in Paradise is basically the show where all the fan favorites from past seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette reunite in Mexico and date each other. It's fantastic television. It really is. I'll be breaking down this season of Bachelor in Paradise in my next post... so keep it locked. Also, be sure to check back for my take on the announcement of our next Bachelor. ABC should be getting to that soon...

Catch you back here - same time, same place - in two weeks!!

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