Sox and Yanks Re-Create the Babe Ruth Trade, Trade Radio Announcers for an Inning

Look, I'm all for a good PR stunt. Something to get the people talking, to get social media impressions up, all that stuff. I'm all in. Hell, this blog is one giant PR stunt, if you look at it that way.

I'm all for it...until it becomes something stupid, and that's exactly what the Red Sox and the Yankees are being this afternoon. Stupid.

In case you missed it:

Yankees fans, or at least the ones with half a brain, are excited about the switch...

I, an intellectual Red Sox fan, think this is stupid.

Okay, I know the Sox-Yanks rivalry isn't quite what it was back in 2004. The days of A-Rod getting plunked, and A-Rod slapping the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's glove...I guess just the days of A-Rod being a jerk in general...are behind us.

The "rivalry" that remains is essentially this: two teams, both stacked with young talent, battling it out for the top spot in the AL East, with little to no extra-curricular activities.

Regardless of how intense the rivalry is now, YOU'RE RIVALS. Joe Castiglione has been the voice of the Red Sox for decades now, and we're just going to give him (a far-superior broadcaster) to the bad guys??

And for all our generosity, we get stuck with John Sterling. Good work, geniuses.

So what does John Sterling do if the Sox hit a home run during the fourth inning? Is he now obligated to come up with a ridiculous nickname for the Sox player that hit the home run? "It is is is GONE. Wow, Steve Pearce PIERCED the seats with that missile."

(Hold the applause for the amazing pun 'til the end, thanks.)

And will the WFAN listeners get a signature "CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?" from Joe if something crazy happens?

I'm overreacting. I'm aware of this. It's just an unnecessary move during the middle of a pennant race that could've been avoided if someone didn't take their stupid pills over the weekend.

Rant over. Go Sox.

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