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The Red Sox Need To Win Tonight

The Boston Red Sox are one win away from winning the American League East for the third straight year. However, that one win has to be against the Yankees if they want to make that magic number 0. While it is obvious that they will win the division no matter what, it would just be sooooo much sweeter to do it in New York. It obviously didn't happen in game one of this three game set, because two of the most reliable Sox relievers stunk it up in the Bronx, giving up a three run seventh inning and losing by the score of 3-2. Then there was game two of this series. A typical David Price start in New York. He gave up three homers to the short porch in right field (which pisses me off every single time I watch a Yankees game). While the three homers were kind of a joke, you could tell that Price hates pitching at Yankee Stadium. His control was terrible and when the whole world knew the Yankees were trying to go to the opposite field, he continued to pitch outside. He just needs to be better in the concrete jungle and stop being such a mental midget every single time he toes the rubber there.

But back to those damn homers he gave up. I wanted to puke seeing Luke Voit do his little Sammy Sosa hop on a routine fly ball that landed in the first row of the bleachers. The ball travelled 340 feet, and for those keeping track at home 340' is a ROUTINE fly ball in Fenway.

Oh yeah and the other two home runs hit by the Yankees last night travelled 341' and 343'... All three of those balls are caught by J.D. Martinez in 95% of MLB parks.

This isn't the reason the Red Sox lost game two though. They had a chance in the first inning when Severino couldn't find the zone and they had men on second and third with one out. Instead Bogaerts popped up to Didi and then Moreland, who has been putrid since the All-Star break, grounded back to Severino to end the threat. They score there and there is a different tone to the entire game. The offense hasn't been very good as of recent in general. I'm gonna go back to the well here and put up another tweet from Red Sox Stats (great follow if you're a Sox fan btw).

I'd say this is a good time to go through your offensive slump instead of it being October, but this is an extended slump that isn't too reassuring as a fan of this team. They need to pick it up over the next 11 days and get on a hot streak going into the ALDS. That streak needs to start tonight against Tanaka who is probably going to be the Yankees best postseason pitcher. Prove to everyone, especially themselves that they can produce in big games again. Also, it would be so sweet to see the Sox actually celebrate winning the division on the field in New York to make up for backing their way into the division crown like they did when Teixeira hit a walk off grand slam off of Joe Kelly, that bum, and having the Blue Jays lose just moments before ensuring they would pop champagne. That was just the most awkward celebrations I had ever seen. Makes me cringe just thinking about it. So Eduardo Rodriguez has to go out and earn his postseason rotation position and be lock down against the Yankees offense tonight so these boys can celebrate what they've done so far this year and pop some bubbly.

Just wanted to leave this here to end this blog on a high note.

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