Red Sox Win Number 100

It is with great joy that I am writing this quick hitter. While I am not one to celebrate regular season accomplishments, due to the fact that it only matters what happens come October, this is awesome. The Red Sox just beat the Toronto Blue Jays 1-0 in the most uneventful win of the year, even though it is a milestone. The one run the Sox scored was on a wild pitch. Other than that both offenses were really quiet, credit to Price and Sanchez. But this is win 100. Something the Red Sox haven't done since I was born in 1996. It's also the first time anyone under the age of 72 has been alive for this.

If that doesn't impress you I don't know what will. This team has been special all year and the night after clinching a playoff berth they do something they haven't done in 72 years. The rest of this regular season is just going to be clinching scenarios and breaking franchise records and I'm here for it. Oh yeah and figuring out who to trust coming out of the bullpen in October. So here is to the Red Sox for surpassing the 100 win mark and being the best team in baseball all of 2018. Raise your glasses boys and enjoy the hell out of this moment.


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