NFL Wild Card Predictions

NFL Wild Card

Yes! Good God Yes! It is back and is looking to be some of the most excited action we are going to see in the past five years. NFL Playoffs are BACK! This playoff picture is so unpredictable and so skillful that I can’t wait to dive right in and give you my playoff picks. If you have been keeping up with my content lately you may know some of my picks. With this being said know that I will be posting more blogs as the playoffs roll on. As for now here are my picks for the Wild Card games!


Wild Card #1

Saturday, 4:35 pm

Colts vs Texans: Texans win 21-17

This game is going to be awesome to watch. This game is a home game for the Texans, and with the Texans riding momentum since the beginning of the second half of the season, and a Colts team that just won a win you’re in game, this will be awesome. This Colts team got in on a winner take all, but the defensive ends and tackles of the Texans should be able to get to Andrew Luck in this one. Defense wins championships and the Texans have a stronger defense in this one. The Colts offensive line will be all healthy for the first time since Nov. 18th, and I feel like the communication will be lacking. Texans win.

Wild Card #2

Sunday, 1:05 pm

Chargers vs Ravens: Chargers win 31-28

This game….it’s going to be awesome to watch. The fact the Chargers are a 5 seed is downright disrespectful and unlucky. This Chargers team is so explosive on offense that they can beat up this Ravens defensive line, they won’t beat up their line-backers or backs, but they will beat the line so they will own the run game. Gordon is even healthier now and this could be even more dangerous. The Chargers defense can also silence the new guy Lamar Jackson. It is always hard to win away in the playoffs, but this Chargers team has the heart to do it, and are 8-0 on the road this year.


Wild Card #1

Saturday, 8:15 pm

Seahawks vs Cowboys: Cowboys win 24-20

This is another tight game man! This playoff slate is so tight! The only reason why the Cowboys win this game is because they are home and they have swagger. The Cowboys have such a buzzing offense and run game that I think it will overwhelm this Seahawks defense, especially since they are on the road. Russel Wilson can only keep this team a float for so long… and it will end this weekend. As much as I think Dak Prescott is a loser, he won’t be this week his team moves into the divisional rounds.

Wild Card #2

Sunday, 4:40 pm

Eagles vs Bears: Bears win 35-24

This game isn’t going to be as close as the last game, but this one is going to be an entertaining shoot out in the first half. After the first half the Bears will pull away. The Bears offense, specifically the running game will be the game changer for the Bears in this one. If they can establish that run game to set up play action plays, this Eagles defense is going to be lost. Now, saying that I think Nick Foles will be very good in this game as well. Foles knows how to extent plays and find open receivers. The difference is the Bears defense is going to make a number of more stops than the Eagles defense. Bears move on.

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