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NFL Week 7 Score Predictions

I cannot believe that I am saying this. It is already week 7 in the NFL and I don’t know if I love it or hate it. Either way I got to get my picks out and keep the content pumping for From the Bleachers! Last week I went 10-5 and I am ROLLING with my picks. I feel like I am on top of the world so let’s try and repeat that success.


Broncos vs Cardinals:

Score: Broncos win 23-20

This is a SNOOZER of a prime time football game. Am I still going to watch it? YES. I have the Broncos winning in this one because the entire Cardinals organization just looks low on energy and already has a lack of motivation. Broncos win.


Titans vs Chargers:

Score: Chargers win 31-20

With both teams traveling over-seas this game will be played EARLY in the morning, 9:30 to be exact. Now I have the Chargers winning this one because Rivers has looked way stronger than Mariota and that’s what this game will come down to.

Patriots vs Bears:

Score: Patriots win 28-13

I know that the Bears are home, but the Patriots look like they are back to their normal and that is a scary thought for the rest of the NFL. The Patriots should win this one again in convincing fashion.

Bills vs Colts:

Score: Colts win 35-21

This is where the Colts have a break out game. At home against the Bills it is time to put up some MONSTER numbers. This game to me will be high scoring and Andrew Luck will take his team to the promise land.

Lions vs Dolphins:

Score: Dolphins win 28-20

Listen folks it is still Brocktober and I am a firm believer. This game is at home for the Dolphins where they are undefeated and that streak will continue this week for sure. After all the Dolphins are riding a good high right now.

Vikings vs Jets:

Score: Vikings win 24-17

This game will be closer than people think. With that being said I do believe the Vikings defense will be the difference in this game for sure. They will be able to keep their team in this game and get the Vikings a win on the road.

Panthers vs Eagles:

Score: Panthers win 24-21

This game is interesting. Now when I made my pick this was strictly off a gut feeling. The only reason I believe the Panthers will win this game is because Cam Newton had an off week stats wise last week. I feel a strong game from him this week. Panthers win.

Browns vs Buccaneers:

Score: Browns win 20-17

This was another game I had a gut feeling on. This is also a game where last week Baker did not look like Baker so expect a bounce back week for the Browns.

Texans vs Jaguars:

Score: Jaguars win 28-14

The Jaguars were EMBARRESSED last week in Dallas and they want revenge. They will be coming in hot this week and I believe they will take are of an average Texans team. Watson has looked all over the map and he could cost his team this week.

Saints vs Ravens:

Score: Saints win 30-21

Joe Flacco at home is a scary good quarter back I know, but this week he is going up against Drew Brees. The Saints are coming off a bye and are ready to get a road win in Baltimore.

Rams vs 49ers:

Score: Rams win 30-20

Why do I feel like these teams play each other every god damn week?! Anyway this game won’t be close its game set match the Rams are the best team in football and will stay undefeated for sure.

Cowboys vs Redskins:

Score: Redskins win 28-24

This is a game that will come down to the final possession in my opinion. The Redskins need this game SO bad to a point where they will have a no quit attitude. They want to be hanging around the top of the NFC East standings and can do just that this coming week.

Bengals vs Chiefs:

Score: Chiefs win 27-20

This is a game where the Chiefs will get the train back on the tracks. After a tough loss in New England they are out for blood. It will be close but the Chiefs will use home field advantage to get the win.


Giants vs Falcons:

Score: Falcons win 28-14

This is a game where the Superdome will be ROCKING. Primetime in Atlanta. This is game where I see Matt Ryan finally stepping up in the bright lights to get his team the win.

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