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NFL Week 4 Score Predictions

Now I know what you’re thinking… God Matt you were supposed to come out with these predictions YESTERDAY! Now your Thursday night football pick won’t count! Well hold on now…My Thursday pick will count because I make the rules on this blog and I was going to pick the Rams anyway! So, I know that you have been sitting by your phone for these predictions so here they are. I apologize for my tardiness. Last week I went 7-9 (Yikes) on my picks so let’s try and go at least 10-5 this week huh?


Vikings vs Rams:

Score: Rams win 30-23

The Rams are a team that hasn’t scored below 33 points and the trend will continue on Thursday. They are home and the Vikings secondary are showing weakness. Rams will win this week.


Dolphins vs Patriots:

Score: Patriots win 27-7

This will be a big game for the Patriots. They need to show that they still belong in the AFC East and that they are still a strong team. They are back home this week too so I see Tom Brady focusing up and getting his team a win this week.

Bengals vs Falcons:

Score: Falcons win 24-10

The Falcons right now are below .500 and Matt Ryan needs to prove himself to show that his team is still a favorite to come out of the NFC. This Bengals defense in my opinion also won’t be able to contain Julio Jones. Falcons win.

Buccaneers vs Bears:

Score: Bears win 20-17

This is going to be a must watch game. For me this game will come down to a field goal it will be so close. Fitzmagic will have to answer to Khalil Mack and I believe he will have no answer for him. Bears win.

Lions vs Cowboys:

Score: Cowboys win 28-21

The Lions are coming off a big win against the Patriots and I believe they will have a hangover this week. The Lions will get too confident and the Cowboys run game will be the difference. Cowboys win.

Bills vs Packers:

Score: Packers win 24-14

This is another game where a team will have a major hangover. The Bills are coming off a MASSIVE win against the Vikings and will have a hangover against the Pack. Rodgers will do Rodgers things and the Packers will win.

Eagles vs Titans:

Score: Eagles win 30-20

For this game I feel that Carson Wentz will be back to normal. He will be back and used to the speed of the game again and will tear it up. There will be better weather for this game as well. Eagles should win with ease.

Texans vs Colts:

Score: Texans win 17-10

The Texans are 0-3 and Deshawn Watson has looked sub-par at best. For me this is his break out game. This game is against an average Colts secondary and he can do some damage this week. Titans win in a low scoring game *cough* (Take the under).

Jets vs Jaguars:

Score: Jaguars win 27-7

This game is too much of a big boy game for Sam Darnold. In my opinion Darnold won’t be able to hang against this defense. Blake Bortles will show him that he still has some things to learn within the position. Jags win.

Browns vs Raiders:

Score: Raiders win 20-17

This is another hangover game for me and another game of the week. The Browns coming off a win for the first time in over 600+ days will have a major hangover. The Raiders are also still winless and that won’t sit well with the players. The Raiders squeeze this one out late in the game.

Seahawks vs Cardinals:

Score: Seahawks win 17-10

The Cardinals will stay being bad. SO bad that even the Seahawks will be able to beat them. That is all. This will not be fun to watch.

Saints vs Giants:

Score: Saints win 31-20

This game for me is one that the Saints have to win if they want to stay favorites to come out of the NFC. With that being said this will be a hard game to win in MetLife Stadium. I believe the receiving core of the Saints will be the difference in this game.

49ers vs Chargers:

Score: Chargers win 28-14

Jimmy G is hurt and is out for the rest of the season. That is a huge blow for this offense and will affect their play greatly this week. The Chargers will get the job done this week soundly.

Ravens vs Steelers:

Score: Steelers win 31-24

With all that has been going on within the Steelers organization they HAVE to win this game. They HAVE TO get the wheels back on the wagon. They are home and have to take advantage of that energy. Should be a good one to watch. Ravens win.


Chiefs vs Broncos:

Score: Chiefs win 24-17

The Chiefs are TOO quick. They stay being quick its wild. They are the best team in the league right now and will continue their success against an average Broncos team. Case Keenum hasn’t looked like himself and that trend will continue. Chiefs win.

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