NFL Week 3 Score Predictions

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

It’s that time of week again! I’m back to give you who I think will be the winners and losers for week 3. Last week I IMPROVED on my picks, my record last week was 9-6-1. I have reached ABOVE .500! My motto is also to always get better even if it is as something as small as picking NFL winners. Now we get to the games!


Jets vs Browns:

Score: Browns win 27-23

This for me is the Browns game where they break that winless record. They are home against a team that is similar in skill. If the Browns defense puts enough pressure on Sam Darnold then they can come out with this win.


Saints vs Falcons:

Score: Saints win 28-24

This is another game were the teams are very similar in skill. The Saints defense hasn’t looked like themselves, but this could be a turn-around game for them. Also Matt Ryan hasn’t looked good in high pressure games, Saints win.

49ers vs Chiefs:

Score: Chiefs win 28-20

The Chiefs have looked FAST these first two weeks. This is a team that also went into Pittsburgh and got a W. They will be faster than the 49er corners this week, and they are home against the 49ers and will continue to win.

Raiders vs Dolphins:

Score: Raiders win 17-10

This week the Raiders will finally break through and win. Now the Raiders went into Denver and looked REALLY good. They almost upset them. For me they will ride that momentum into Miami and get the job done.

Bills vs Vikings:

Score: Vikings win 35-10

This game is almost unfair. This game has the Bills who are the worst team in the league after two weeks, and are sending them into MINNESOTA! There is NO chance that the Bills win this game. The Vikings are wayyyyy too quick for the Bills. Vikings win.

Colts vs Eagles:

Score: Eagles win 24-10

This is the game of CARSON WENTZ’S RETURN! He is finally back and the people of Philadelphia are going to be going BAZERK! For me Wentz will light up the Colts backfield and take care of business.

Packers vs Redskins:

Score: Packers win 24-17

The more time that goes by the more Aaron Rodgers heals and gets better. Rodgers for me will be back to normal and extending plays and slinging the ball like he always does. The one thing that scares me is the Packers defense. If they step up it should be a good win on the road.

Bengals vs Panthers:

Score: Panthers win 20-17

This game will be close for sure, so that is why I have to give this game to the home team. The home field advantage could be the difference in this match up. Also if Cam Newton stays loose and doesn’t over think his passes his team should get the win.

Titans vs Jaguars:

Score: Jaguars win 28-17

This defense will continue to cause headaches for teams in the league. They will be all over the Titans in this game. The Jags for me will stay undefeated and continue to be the favorite in the AFC.

Broncos vs Ravens:

Score: Broncos win 24-20

The Ravens are 5.5-point favorites in this game…. that’s GENEROUS. The Broncos have a strong defense and verse an average quarterback that is Joe Flacco this is dangerous. I think that Case Keenum and the Broncos upset the Ravens at home.

Giants vs Texans:

Score: Texans win 17-10

This is a game with two 0-2 teams. This is game that may not be worth watching, but I will give you a score anyway because maybe you’ll want to gamble on it. The Giants really struggled to move the ball last week and their issues will take longer than one week to solve. Texans win this one.

Chargers vs Rams:

Score: Rams win 28-20

The Rams were expected to come out strong this year and they have done exactly that. The Rams are just way too quick and will out play the Chargers in this game. The Rams should win with good momentum.

Bears vs Cardinals:

Score: Bears win 20-17

The Bears defense still looks dominate after two weeks and this trend won’t change. They are playing the Cardinals who look like the worst team in the NFC right now. Against this Bears defense they will still struggle to move the ball. Bears win.

Cowboys vs Seahawks:

Score: Cowboys win 28-20

The Cowboys are riding high after a Sunday night win and they will ride this momentum into a game where they will play another weak opponent. I get it it’s hard to win in Seattle, but the wind will be out of that crowds sails. Cowboys win.

Patriots vs Lions:

Score: Patriots win 31-17

This game will not be close. Under the bright lights of Sunday Night the Lions are going to get whipped at home… why? That’s because head coaches who used to be under Bill Belichick get SMOKED. Patriots win.


Steelers vs Buccaneers:

Score: Buccaneers win 27-24

This game will for sure be close, but I am ALL IN ON FITZ-MAGIC. The Steelers are in turmoil and have too much drama going on within the team. The Buccaneers will get this W at home.

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