NFL Week 2 Score Predictions

What’s up From The Bleachers nation?! I am back to give you my week 2 NFL picks. Last week I went 8-8 on my picks. That’s not bad, but it’s also not good…. Its average and I want to be above average. So this week I will be looking to get above .500, and the only way to do that is pick more underdogs. I was picking too many favorites last week. It was a crazy week one with good matchups and this week should be nothing less.


Ravens vs Bengals:

Score: Bengals win 20-17

This game could go either way. The Ravens were able to take good care of the Bills last week, but that was off of a lot of Bills turnovers. I see the home team Bengals edging out a win this week.


Panthers vs Falcons:

Score: Falcons win 24-17

The Panthers did not put many points on the board in week one and Matt Ryan is feeling frustrated after a rough week one. I see Matt Ryan and Julio Jones going off again in front of their home crowd, but it will be close most of the game.

Chargers vs Bills:

Score: Bills win 17-10

These two offenses won’t be putting many points on the board this week. Josh Allen is starting for the Bills and in front of Bills it could be electric. I believe in Allen and I think you should too, Bills win this one.

Vikings vs Packers:

Score: Vikings win 24-14

This is one of my must watch games. Aaron Rodgers at the end of the Sunday night game said he was playing but… there has been some stories saying he’s been sitting out of practice. This is scary and you know who else is scary… the Vikings.

Texans vs Titans:

Score: Titans win 28-14

I see a really good week out of Marcus Mariota. I know he looked rough week one, but he’s home this week. He also thrives out of the pocket and he will be out of the pocket a lot with the Texans pass rush.

Browns vs Saints:

Score: Saints win 31-14

The Saints showed some great flashes of greatness, even though they lost by 8 points to the Bucs. Their offense still looked very quick, and there is no way that the Browns corners can keep up with that.

Dolphins vs Jets:

Score: Jets win 27-17

Now I know this game LOOKS gross, but the Jets could really show the league that they belong with a win this week. Against a confused Dolphins team, and at home the Jets should take care of business.

Chiefs vs Steelers:

Score: Steelers win 27-24

This game is another one of my must watch games. The Chiefs looked FAST in week one, but Big Ben is a different quarterback when he is home. I see the Steelers just squeezing out a win in this game.

Eagles vs Buccaneers:

Score: Buccaneers win 27-17

The Buccaneers are back at home this week and they looked REALLY good week one. Their wide receiver core looked really quick, elusive, and confident which could mean trouble for the Eagles this week.

Colts vs Redskins:

Score: Redskins win 20-10

Everyone who listens to the show knows that I am high on Andrew Luck. I do trust him this year, but with the Redskins at home and Alex Smith looking like a legit quarter back again this year. The Redskins should take this one.

Cardinals vs Rams:

Score: Rams win 35-14

This is my BLOWOUT game of the week. This game will not be close. The Cardinals looked WAY too slow last week. This week they have to face one of the best defenses and will probably look slower. This game will be all Rams.

Lions vs 49ers:

Score: 49ers win 24-10

I know… Jimmy G threw three picks last week. Hear me out. Matt Stafford threw FOUR. This week there be less interceptions, but Stafford still won’t look that great. I say the 49ers take this one.

Raiders vs Broncos:

Score: Raiders win 20-17

People are VERY high on the Broncos this year. Me on the other hand I am not. I can see the Raiders scraping this one out. They looked GOOD against a top team in the NFC in the LA Rams. I can see this drive and passion carry over into the second week.

Patriots vs Jaguars:

Score: Jaguars win 27-24

This is another one of those must watch games for me. I know I am going against the Patriots AGAIN. You are probably thinking WHEN IS THIS KID GOING TO LEARN. I just don’t feel it again this week. The difference last week for the Patriots was Gronk, and for me the Jags will do a better job at neutralizing him. The Jags will JUST edge out the Patriots at home.

Giants vs Cowboys:

Score: Giants win 24-20

Under the Sunday Night Football lights… DON’T SLEEP ON THE GIANTS. The Cowboys had some offensive woes last week, and in my opinion they will continue. Saquon in my opinion will thrive under the bright lights and it should be a fun game to watch.


Seahawks vs Bears:

Score: Bears win 28-17

The Seahawks still look a little off to me, and the Bears had an IMPRESSIVE first half in Green Bay. This is also Mitch Trubiski time to shine again under the bright lights. I am all in on the Bears this week.

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