NFL Week 1 Score Predictions

You sleep in. It’s Sunday. You get up around 10:30 am grab yourself some coffee and donuts, but the energy is different in your local coffee shop. You know why there is a buzz among the Dads and yourself though. It is the FIRST SUNDAY OF THE NFL SEASON!

Football is finally back folks and I will be giving you my score prediction for each match up to get you in the football mood. So no more waiting around, let’s get to the match ups.


Falcons vs Eagles

Score: Falcons win 31-21

The reigning Super Bowl Champions are back at home for the opening kickoff, but there are some issues. Carson Wentz is still not ready, and is not starting week one. Jeffery the Eagles wide receiver weapon is out as well. For me this can cause issues and the defense of the Eagles isn’t as strong as the Super Bowl season. With that being said I think the Falcons receiving core will get the job done for the first game of the season.


Bengals vs Colts

Score: Colts win 20-10

Andrew Luck is BACK. I am BEYOND excited to see him slinging the football again. I feel a big comeback year out of Luck and this game will be the start of that campaign. The Bengals still have a mediocre feel through training camp and pre-season so the Colts get this one done in the first week.

Bills vs Ravens

Score: Ravens win 20-3

This game was hard for me because neither of these teams are rather strong. I took the Ravens because they are home and in a game with a weak opponent home field is big. Ravens take this one by a low score.

Buccaneers vs Saints

Score: Saints win 24-10

The Saints for me are a team that could go all the way to the Super Bowl. They are also home to start the season. Drew Brees will flex his muscles as always and with Winston suspended it should be an easy win for the Saints.

Texans vs Patriots

Score: Texans win 31-24

Beating the Patriots at home is really hard to do. The Texans have Watson back and he will have to face a somewhat different looking Patriot defense. It is also weaker. With Edelman out for the Patriots as well, this is going to be a difficult game for them to win. I know they are at home, but the Patriots are too disabled to win this one.

49ers vs Vikings

Score: Vikings win 28-7

Kirk Cousins is adjusting to his new life with the Vikings and he has been adjusting to his wide receiver weapons well. The speed of the Vikings at home will be too much for the young and fresh 49ers team to start the season.

Titans vs Dolphins

Score: Titans win 20-17

For me this game is going to come down to who has the better quarterback. Mariota will be the man to move his offense more efficiently. This game will be somewhat low scoring, but the Titans will be the ones to break through for the win.

Jaguars vs Giants

Score: Jaguars win 31-14

The Giants are refreshed offensively, and have a strong coach at the helm. The Jaguars still have one of the most solid defenses in the league though. The Giants wide receiver core is still on the weaker side even after paying Odell which will cost them in this game.

Steelers vs Browns

Score: Steelers win 35-10

I get it. The Browns are on Hard Knocks. They look much better than last season, and they WILL be better than last season. They will not be better than the Steelers though. The Steelers are going to be faster and stronger in this match up. Steelers win big.

Chiefs vs Chargers

Score: Chiefs win 30-20

The Chiefs are a team that are simply just faster and more offensively affective then the Chargers. They have Kareem Hunt to do the heavy lifting for their offense. Patrick Mahomes is the Chiefs quarterback who is a young faced paced quarterback that will outlast the Chargers defense.

Cowboys vs Panthers

Score: Panthers win 20-10

The Cowboys are a team that has fallen off the map as of late. They lost the perfect offensive line they had which has handicapped the offense as a whole. The Panthers are also the home team in this match up and Cam Newton still has a ton of swagger. Panthers win.

Redskins vs Cardinals

Score: Cardinals win 30-20

The Redskins in my opinion are still going through an adjustment period. It also doesn’t help that they are the away team in this matchup. David Johnson will also take over in this match and the Redskins defense won’t be able to keep up with him.

Seahawks vs Broncos

Score: Broncos win 17-14

The Seahawks are in a really weird spot. Russel Wilson was said that it “feels like his rookie year” during training camp. This means they feel like they are starting at a square one this season. I don’t like that feel. The Broncos will win this as the home team in a close match up.

Bears vs Packers

Score: Packers win 35-7

Aaron Rodgers is still the man. He is still as good as he ever was, and the Bears well… still even after the offseason moves won’t be able to keep up with the Packers. This game is also in Green Bay, that place is impossible to win in. Go Pack Go.


Jets vs Lions

Score: Lions win 13-3

Matt Patricia will be the reason why the Lions win this game. The Jets announced that they are starting Sam Darnold, but the rookie won’t be able to outsmart Patricia. The Lions are also the home team which I believe will also overwhelm the rookie quarterback.

Rams vs Raiders

Score: Rams win 27-7

The Rams are a strong favorite to come out of the NFC. They are one of the best well rounded squads in the NFL. Jon Gruden is also under the headset for the Raiders and he hasn’t coached a team since 2009. He will be overwhelmed in his first game back in a while. That is while the Rams will ROLL on Monday night.

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