Say Hey to Your New Bachelor... Colton Underwood

WELL, THIS WAS UNEXPECTED. You guys... I was so NOT READY for this announcement. YES, Colton Underwood is our new Bachelor... but control your hype. First, we obviously have to breakdown what has transpired over the past 24 hours in Bachelor Nation because it's been an absolute WHIRLWIND.

Last night, on the newest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, (which by the way, totally missed the memo that it was a three hour episode) fans witnessed the utter collapse of the most dramatic couple on the show - Tia Booth and Colton Underwood (our Bachelor.) The Tia and Colton drama has been going on from the moment Becca's season of the Bachelorette began airing in March, when Colton admitted to "spending a weekend" with Tia prior to taping the show. Most of the time, if a contestant confessed to something like that, my initial reaction would be... SEXY TIME!! But, as we all know, Colton is a virgin... so I'm not exactly sure what went down. (But it DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE because they are DONE.)

Tia Booth and Colton Underwood. Photo courtesy of E News.

This breakup, straight up, came out of nowhere. Prior to this episode, Tia and Colton were a relatively solid couple, but clearly that was not actually the case. The show starts and Colton immediately finds himself confiding in cute Canadian Kevin that he feels like he is forcing himself into the relationship with Tia. He admits that he doesn't see a future with her. Kevin encourages Colton to do what he has to do, so Colton pulls Tia aside to talk. He says repeatedly in his interview sessions that Tia is "not for him," but never clarifies why. WHY COLTON!? I WANT TO KNOW!!

At this point, I'm two glasses of sangria deep and I am SAD. THEN Colton hits us with, "I just know what you deserve and I can't give it to you." Now I'M crying... and so is Tia. Colton proceeds to dramatically leave Paradise, hardly saying goodbye to anyone. This, America, is YOUR NEW BACHELOR!

Colton was announced as the Bachelor on Good Morning America earlier today, but speculations have been flying all over the internet this weekend. Reality TV blogger, Steve Carbone, better known as Reality Steve, spoiled the announcement on Twitter and on his blog last Wednesday. He kept followers updated all weekend about Colton's whereabouts and informed everyone about the diversions he was trying to create on social media, to throw off Bachelor fans. (For reference, Reality Steve has been known to spoil Bachelor franchise shows, as well as many other reality shows, season after season.)

Regardless, Colton seemed to be in great spirits this morning on GMA and he appeared to be very much over Tia. (Tia also confirmed on Twitter that she will NOT be a contestant on his season, however I would not be surprised AT ALL if she made an appearance.) Colton assured fans that he is super grateful for the opportunity to find his wife and hopes to end the season engaged. His season of the Bachelor is set to premiere in early 2019, likely in January.

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