Love Him or Hate Him, Brooks Koepka is Good for Golf and the PGA

The cockiness is certainly there for Brooks Koepka. The 29 year old from West Palm Beach Florida has every right to be that cocky. After turning pro 7 years ago in 2012, Koepka has not so quietly won the 2017 U.S Open, only his SECOND career win on Tour, the 2018 U.S Open and the 2018 and 2019 PGA Championship.

In his career, Brooks Koepka has finished in the Top 10 of a tournament 37 times, 20 of them have come since 2017.

To say this man is on one of the best heaters of his life is an understatement. We have seen golfers in the past be heralded as the next Tiger Woods. Jordan Speith has gone from one of the worlds best, to a guy whose emotions are going to get in the way and never really let him get to his true potential. Rory McIlroy really looked like he could be a guy who challenged Tiger early in his career but seemed to fade back into the realm of just another outstanding golfer.

Brooks on the other hand has the best chance to rival Tiger and Nicklaus out of this age of golfers.

Why do I say this with such confidence? It’s because Brooks plays golf the same way Tom Brady plays football, LeBron James plays basketball, Sidney Crosby plays hockey and Madison Bumgardner plays baseball. His ability to take some of the biggest moments of the year and channel it into how he plays his round is something to marvel at. Nothing bothers Koepka. Everything he does happens so effortlessly and that’s a reason why some people around the golf world really do not like him. Some spectators and analysts were furious after this comment before the 2019 Open Championship,

After gaining some success recently, Koepka has admitted that he feels like he can finally have a voice in the golf community. His big stance is pace of play, and how players should be eyeing and calibrating their shots as the other players are hitting so it speeds up play. This is another hot button issue that is turning people away from the rising superstar.

Like it or not, the confident, free swinging, free speaking bad boy from Florida is going to be one of the best this sport will see. It’s now a matter of will you be rooting for him or against him?

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