Le'Veon Bell is Smart for Sitting Out

Football is back and I couldn't be happier. Being able to sit in my recliner for almost 12 hours straight Sunday and into Sunday night and not be judged for it was magical. But the one major question this off season was when/ if Le'Veon Bell will report to the Steelers. We still don't have that answer. Anyone who can spell football knows that Bell and Antonio Brown are the two most valuable players on the team and could be the best play makers in the league.

Earlier this weekend it was announced that Le'Veon was not traveling with the team to Cleveland as expected seeing he sat out the entire preseason. But even without Bell the Steelers should not have had a problem with beating the Browns who haven't won a game since December of 2016. Another stat in the Steelers favor is that the last time the Browns won on opening day Pedro Martinez was still calling the Yankees his daddy. Until Sunday, kind of, the Browns did not get beat by Pittsburgh but they also did not beat the Steelers. They tied. The was like the weather in Cleveland that day, crappy. Just bad football all around. Fumbles, interceptions, muffed punts, missed field goals, bad coaching, bad quarter backing, etc. To quote Charles Barkley "Turrible." The game would finally end in a 21-21 tie in which both teams had field goals to win in which Chris Boswell (My fantasy kicker) missed a field goal and then the Steelers blocked one. As much as I hate the Lebron'd stained city of Cleveland, I hate the Pittsburgh Steelers even more and was hoping the Brownies could "steal" a game at home. But to my dismay the game ended in a tie. I hate ties. Play until someone wins. Its that simple. Soon after the game Le'Veon Bell tweeted this,

Hmmmmmmmmm. Seems completely normal to me. NOT. This tweet is coming off of Le'Veon feuding with the offensive line a few days earlier. Which isn't smart since what makes Le'Veon great is that he takes/has the time to let a play develop and utilize the holes in the defense, but that is just me. He went on to say that the tweet wasn't a shot at the organization but I have always been a fan of connecting the dots.

No matter what the outcome of Sundays game against the Browns was, I agree with what Le'Veon Bell is doing. In my 21 years on this planet I have been blessed that I was born into a New England Patriots household. I have also been blessed into witnessing the greatest coach and quarterback combo in history. But with that being said I have seen many players take less money to stay with the Patriots. I've always been a fan of putting the team first instead of getting paid. But that is probably why I'm writing this blog and not lacing them up on Sundays. (Or the fact I've never played a snap of football in my life but that is not the point). I think Le'Veon should be the highest paid running back in the league. He deserves more than the average salary at the position.

Running backs have a relatively short shelf life. Most backs don't make it deep into their 30's due to the physicality of running into 350 pound monsters hundreds of times for 16 plus weeks out of the year. Le'Veon Bell is 26 which is still young, but lets look at his stats:

These number are absurd. Mike Tomlin is putting a lot of miles on this Mustang. Its time for him to get paid. Last year Bell had over 400 touches of the football. To put that number in perspective, Adrian Peterson has never gone over 400 touches in a season. Especially at a position like running back, he wont be able to do that for long so the time to get paid is now. Unless the Steelers develop a new game plan, but with the football genius of Mike Tomlin at the helm, that is about as likely as a fart going over well in church.

Le'Veon should sit out until Week 11 unless he gets an extension. Play the last 6 games, and go into free agency healthy and not overused. Going into the 2019 season Bell will be 27, and if those numbers continue, Ill give him 4 or 5 more productive years. At this point in time I think bridges are being burnt between Pittsburgh and Bell. The Steelers one saving grace is that there are a lot of bridges to burn in Pittsburgh, probably about a thousand. But to sit out and get paid what you're worth is the right decision for Bell. GET THAT MONEY YOUNG MAN.

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