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Kofi Losing is a Good Thing

Last night on Smackdown, Kofi Kingston ran the gauntlet. He defeated every man advertised to face him in his uphill battle towards a main event match in NYC in April at Wrestlemania. He even pinned the same man, Randy Orton, who killed his original push back in 2009(Actually true story in which Orton went to Vince and demanded Kingston never see the main event picture after a feud). The stars were aligning, but a higher power decided to destroy that puzzle. Vince McMahon came out and told Kofi he must defeat one more superstar, WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. As a fan, Kofi has pinned him twice already, so I'm thinking this is a cake walk. Wrong. Bryan pins Kingston ending the fairytale story of Wrestlemania 35: Kofi's moment.

For the casual fan, you are pissed. You support someone who has been clawing for an opportunity at the most prestigious prize in the company for over 10 years just to see them swipe it from him. However, Swiper isn't swiping this opportunity, guys. This loss was needed. "But why Pat? Why is Kofi losing a good thing?" Sit back, relax, and grab a coffee. I'll tell you why.

The number one concept in professional wrestling is that history repeats itself. CONSTANTLY! We have seen this many times before with superstars like Stone Cold, John Cena, CM Punk, and most recently Daniel Bryan. These guys were the authority's enemy. They were put down, shunned, and forced to jump through every hoop and obstacle thrown at them. This is one of the most common tactics used to get these superstars over. Stone Cold lost the 99 Rumble match, but won the main event match at that year's Mania. CM Punk nearly left the company before his historic championship reign from 2013-14. Daniel Bryan won the main event giving the WWE universe the greatest Wrestlemania moment in the last 20 years!

There is a reason why Vince McMahon's company has been at the top of the sports entertainment mountain for the past 19 years. He knows the business better than anyone, except for maybe his son-in-law. He knows what the fans want. He knows the fans will blow the (metaphorical) roof off of MetLife Stadium when Kofi pins Bryan in the middle of the ring. It is not about the result, but about the journey. Kofi's journey to the grandest stage of them all has been captivating the WWE Universe since the Rumble. I will be attending Smackdown next week at Mohegan Sun sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next plot twist in the Kofi Kingston narrative. Buckle up, folks. We are three weeks away from the 35th edition of Wrestlemania. Three weeks away from a man living out his dream. I'm hyped and you should be too.

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