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Kevin Owens is BACK!!!

Before I write about one of my favorite wrestlers in WWE being back, I would like to take this moment to say congratulations to Roman Reigns on being in remission of his cancer treatment. Such an amazing accomplishment to conquer cancer once again and get back in the ring. We at From The Bleachers say congratulations to Roman.

While that was the most heartwarming story of the week, let's get down to business. MY GUY KEVIN OWENS IS BACK IN WWE!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! No but seriously, this amazing for wrestling fans. Kevin Owens is a top three wrestler in WWE today. He has the three aspects of an ideal superstar: mic skills, exceptional ring performance, and backing of the fans. He is someone that deserves to be in the spotlight at all times, but not in this case.

Kofi Kingston is the most over superstar, next to Becky "The Man" Lynch, in WWE at the moment. He was suppose to face off against against Daniel Bryan at Fastlane for the title. Vince McMahon had other plans stopping Kofi from signing the contract and placing Owens in the match. For the common fan, they ask, "Why Vince? Why do this?" The answer is simple. Bigger push for Kingston.

Owens versus Bryan is a main event match. It will be a great match. However, both men will end up losing long term. Owens is placed in this match to simply be another big name for Kofi to go over for his eventual title reign. Owens and Bryan have been major names in WWE over the past five years. They are established with title reigns and amazing feuds over the years. For Kofi to become champion is a proper way, he needs to defeat both of these men. Fastlane will set up another triple threat at Wrestlemania between them, Kofi to pin Bryan, and feud with Owens and Bryan for a few months. Owens is a staple for big name feuds because of his ability to make a feud seem real. He has an ability to make fans invest in an underdog, like Kofi, and put him over.

Owens return is a blessing for Kofi. It will make for amazing matches, maybe a five star match if Dave Meltzer takes some time away from watching New Japan. Kofi deserves a legitimate one on one feud with a big name superstar. He hasn't had one since Randy Orton in 2009(this led to Orton's backstage politicking squashing Kofi), but its 2019. 10 years later, Kofi has developed his character and in ring ability to be placed on this main stage. Wrestlemania will become #KofiMania come April 7th. Owen's return only strengths this, not hurt it. Buckle up, we are now on the FastLane to Wrestlemania.

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