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Jonas Brothers March Madness Bracket

During my quarantine period things have been tough. Boredom is at an all time high especially with no sports, so its brackets and fun pop culture topics like this that help me get through these unpredictable times. To preface my bracket choices I need to give you a background of what kind of Jonas Brothers fan I am.

I am a new school Jonas Brothers fan. I think their new stuff is really good...I mean really good. With this being said I also will not neglect the classics. This band has been around since I have been in elementary school. I remember hearing the songs being sung on the recess yard and thinking "don't sing along Matt those songs are for girls" even though I found them catchy. I also remember when "Camp Rock" came out. I remember thinking dang... that Nick Jonas guys has got some swag. Still to this day Nick Jonas has got "that swag".

I also recent saw the band on their "Happiness Begins" tour this summer. Ya. That show was BANANAS. Everything from the playlist, to the stage, to the props, to the clothing. It was a great show and one that left a really good impression on me. So there it is that is the type of fan I am and where I stand with this band. I am not a bandwagon. Ask my roommates I like these guys. I wouldn't go to their show if I didn't so now... the bracket.

So... here is the left side of my bracket. Like I said I am a new school fan so a good amount of their new songs made their way into my sweet sixteen. The elite eight is what really gave me a lot of trouble. I had to choice between A LOT of classics. Now the reason why I had Only Human and Thats Just The Way We Roll in my final four is because I love songs that I can dance to, that I can bump my head to. These songs fill that void. The guitar rip in Thats Just The Way We Roll is unforgettable and undeniable. That is also the ONLY reason why it snuck by a personal favorite Burnin Up. It is also why it got passed Only Human. Only Human is a great summer song and has good solo vocals from the group, but I do not think it would get a party going like Thats Just The Way We Roll would. Thats Just The Way We Roll goes to the finals.

Now for the right side of the bracket. This side was filled with classics and mostly classics filled up my elite eight. Like I said earlier in the blog I like songs I can dance to, tap my foot to, bang my head to, and these elite eight songs fill all those boxes. I also could have put Hold on over Year 3000. For me this was the hardest decision on this side of the bracket, but Year 3000 won because of its experience. The song has been known to get the party going time after time, BUT there is a big reason why Lovebug won this side of the bracket. Lovebug is a song that mixes really good harmonies with that head banging aspect. This song gives you that really catchy chorus, tells a good story and gives you a really good finale. While Year 3000 is also a banger the lyrics to me are a little immature. Talking about a time machine and crazy time travel just leaves me feeling... eh when it was matched up against Lovebug. Lovebug goes to the finals.

Now the finals. My winner was Thats Just The Way We Roll. I described why I liked this song so much earlier, and it only became more true the more and more I listened to it while filling out the bracket. This song just shows all of the talents of the band. A sick guitar, good vocals, and just a really fun vibe. Lovebug is sweet and tells a really fun and light story too. It's just not enough power to over come the classic song of Thats Just The Way We Roll.

I have a lot of favorite Jonas Brothers songs, and a lot of them if not all are on this bracket, so this was difficult for me to pick certain songs over others. So, I hope you enjoyed my picks, and if you didn't tweet at me and lets debate it!

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