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It's Kofi's Time.

Last night, the WWE made its first of two pit stops on the Road to Wrestlemania at the Elimination Chamber. A solid PPV that developed different storylines, crowned new champions, but most of all highlighted one of the most underrated talents in the company at the moment. Kofi Kingston stole the show.

A few days prior, Kingston defeated 3 of the 5 other members of the Elimination Chamber in a gauntlet match. His performance caused fans to take notice. Before the match, everyone thought that once again Kofi is being placed in this match as a filler. He has no chance at the belt because they're just going to place him back in the New Day to face the Usos for the thousandth time. Not. This. Time. He proved he deserves to be in the main event picture.

Kofi shined in the main event last night. Hitting major spots, including falling from the chamber onto Joe and Bryan and countering an RKO (from outta nowhere) into a Trouble in Paradise. But, the biggest takeaway from the match is how well he hung in the ring with Daniel Bryan. The back and forth between the two competitors was a form of art. My eyes were glued to the television because I truly did not know who would walk out the champion.

Bryan retained the title. Fans booed Bryan. Fans gave a standing ovation to Kofi. I was speechless. Kingston did it. His loss to Bryan is not a step back, but a giant step forward. Bryan put Kingston over last night. The back and forth, false finishes, and huge spots slingshotted him into the main event picture. They set up a rivalry between the New Day and Captain Planet and Recyclopes(Bryan and Rowan). They have time to develop the storyline with Wrestlemania seven weeks away. A perfect amount of time for Bryan to show off his paper mâché championship just for Kofi to take it from him on the grandest stage of them all. ITS A NEW DAY IN THE WWE YES IT IS!

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