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I'm Mr. Misunderstood

A few things before I jump into this. My bad not posting a blog for the Divisional rounds. That ones one me. I would have picked Chiefs, Chargers, Saints, and Rams if you were curious. That would put my picks at 5-3 throughout the playoffs... so not bad.

The second thing I will preface this blog with is listen...I am a big Tom Brady fan, and a Patriots fan, but I am not a delusional one. I think he is the greatest quarterback to ever do it, and this is where I think people are misunderstanding me. I like Tom and the Patriots but I am just being realistic in the fact that I think he is past his prime, and hardcore Patriots fans need to realize this reign is coming to an end soon. Now here we go.

Yesterday the Patriots came out and beat the Chargers 41-28 in New England. This loss was also mostly on the Chargers, and not on how great the Patriots were. Now again don't misunderstand me here. The Patriots dynasty is really really good and have had a HISTORIC run, but this game being so lop sided is a lot on the Chargers, and I am asking those delusional Pats fans just to hear me out.

Tom Brady as a quarterback this year was dead last in production against the blitz. DEAD LAST. The blitz last night was non existent. There was no pressure on Tom Brady, because the Chargers thought it would be a good idea to play zone defense throughout the entire game. With no pressure on Brady you give a hall of fame quarterback all day to pick you a part and that is deadly. Now with that being said when he was picking through this zone defense there were NO tight windows that he was throwing through. WHAT WERE THE CHARGERS DOING. The Chargers practically handed Tom the game.

Bouncing off that zone coverage, the Chargers also refused to put hands on any of the Patriots top receivers. Edelman had over 150 yards receiving, which yes Edelman made that happen, but it gets too high of a number where you HAVE to blame not putting hands on Edelman while he ran his routs. James White is also a running back that catches the ball more than he runs it, and every time he was on the field, no linebacker was pursuing his rout it felt like. Just really bad on the Chargers end.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Chargers offensive line was off all game. There was little communication between the linemen. The Patriots were in Rivers face all game and that affected the pass game, and made the Chargers offense one dimensional.

Now I do give a TON of credit to the Patriots defense. They played out of their minds. Great secondary coverage and awesome pressure against Rivers. Now again Im not knocking the dynasty of the Patriots, but that Divisional game was embarrassing for the Chargers.

Now here is where things can get REALLY impressive for the Patriots. If they go into Arrowhead and Brady starts taking hits to make accurate passes. If he starts throwing those darts into tight windows like he has in his prime, THEN THAT is when delusional Patriots fans can scream all they want. That would be down right impressive if they can pull off as big of a victory in Arrowhead as they did against the Chargers. This NFL playoffs have been SO entertaining to watch this year and it is only going to get better so I can't wait for this Sunday's games.

Now for those of you that came at me on Twitter or hit me up after my apology video, I hope that you read this blog and have a better understanding on where I stand with this Patriots team. I'm a fan of Tom and the Patriots, but I think it is time for Patriot nation to realize that Father Time does always win, so try and see both sides as this Dynasty slowly approaches its end. It may not be this season or the next, but it is for sure within three years time.

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