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I am #TeamBecky

Over the past few weeks on Smackdown, Becky Lynch has completely transformed from the up beat charismatic face, to a dark, sinister heel out for one thing, the Smackdown Women's Championship. The one thing that has been out of her reach since losing it to Alexa Bliss after being crowned the inaugural champion.

For those who are not caught up(or watch wrestling lol), Becky Lynch was poised to face off against Carmella at Summerslam for the Women's Championship. It was the FIRST time she has had a fair, one on one, shot at the title. Until Lynch's best friend came back from injury, Charlotte Flair. General Manager Paige placed Flair in the match making it a triple threat match for the championship. This INFURIATED Lynch. Fast forward to Summerslam, Lynch is pinned by her best friend. Flair wins her 5th title. Lynch congratulates Flair. Then hell breaks loose. Lynch snaps. Attacks Flair. We finally see a heel turn. Earlier this week on Smackdown, Flair wins her match against Carmella. Lynch attacks her after the match and demands that the title will be back in her hands.

Lynch is fed up with playing second fiddle to Flair and being the forgotten portion of the Four Horsewomen of the WWE. She cuts one of the best promos of the year on the Smackdown after the PPV. Demanding how she should have the belt around her waist and be the leader of the women's division on Smackdown. She even sent out a tweet that manifested her true feelings about her now "former" friendship with Flair.

So now you might ask, "But Pitts, don't you love Charoltte? Shouldn't she be champion?"

Yes, but not right now.

Becky Lynch is the most underrated women's wrestler on the main roster right now. She is so entertaining to watch, has a great gimmick that is not over the top, and can handle herself on the mic. She has been screwed out of the title picture for so long that it finally is her time. She should have won BOTH Money in the Bank matches, She should have beat Alexa Bliss, and should have taken the title away from Carmella like candy from a baby. Her heel turn may be turning a new page on the Becky Lynch chapter in WWE for all the right reasons. She needs some fire under her for fans to support her as a future champion in the business.

Her match against Flair at Hell in the Cell is set to be a show stealing match. They need to make it inside the devil's playground of Hell in the Cell to spark another flame in the rivalry. Lynch NEEDS to defeat Flair at the PPV to stay relevant in the main event picture of the women's division. Give me Lynch vs. Flair until Survivor Series. Wrestling fans everywhere need a feud like this to maintain the high prestige that the championship should have.

This is Lynch's time to dominate the Smackdown's women's division. I'm ready for it and you should be too.

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