Give Country Music a Chance

Updated: May 21, 2019

“Country music is the people's music. It just speaks about real life and about truth and it tells things how they really are.”

–Faith Hill

Every time I meet someone new on campus or back home, we start getting to know each other and one of the first questions to come up is always, “So what kind of music do you listen to?” I always chuckle a little bit before reluctantly admitting: “Country.” I'm not reluctant because I am ashamed of the music I listen to, in fact I’m damn proud of where I come from and the music I listen to, because it represents my life and experiences, as well as millions of others just like me. I am reluctant because I have seen the same reaction a thousand times: “Oh…yikes, yeah I listen to pretty much everything but country.” I always smile and say “Well it’s not for everyone,” which this is true. It’s not for everyone, if you can’t relate to the music you're listening to, you probably aren’t going to like it. However, what makes me sad is that most people write off country music without even giving it a chance. Most people assume it is just rednecks singing about beer, pickup trucks and losing your girlfriend, and sometimes, to be fair, it is. But country is much more than that, and this is something that I hope to explore with all of you, week by week, album by album, song by song.

My name is Dustin Moffre and I am a sophomore marketing major at Quinnipiac University. Last year when I started at Quinnipiac, I started my own radio show on the University’s student-run radio station, WQAQ 98.1 FM, and when deciding what my show would be about it turned out to be quite easy. I wanted to do a show about something that I have loved since as long as I can remember, country music.

Today the only country artists, as far as most are concerned, is your Sam Hunts, Luke Bryans, Florida Georgia Lines and Little Big Towns. However, I like to be a little bit different, I love country from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s as well as the music we are blessed (or cursed?) with today, because in my opinion the best way to appreciate the country music of today, is to know where it came from. This is because without Faith Hill, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Dolly Parton, and Johnny Cash (among countless others) we would not have the aforementioned artists of today.

Not only do I love listening to artists that paved the way to where we are today, but I also love exploring younger artists and giving them a chance to breakout. In a time when it is so difficult to get noticed and find your way onto radio, especially as a female artist, I love discovering, playing, and promoting younger artists because they are the ones who will be responsible for bringing our genre forward in the future.

On my show, “The Country Hour,” I discuss (and play) where country came from, the artists who made it great, the sounds that gave us our modern-day hits and much more. I play many songs that you can hear on your local country station today, however I also play songs from five, 10, 15, 20, 30 years ago that have proved to be timeless hits. As I have said, I not only love listening to the music but also love discussing it, the artists, the sounds and the trends. When I was asked to come write for FTB and discuss country music, I was so excited because it is very hard to say everything you want to in a one-hour show once a week while peppering in songs.

Thank you to Dan Bahl and everybody at “From the Bleachers” for this great opportunity to write about something I love and am so passionate about. I cannot wait to write for all of you and show you what I love (and hate) about country music. Please feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media platforms which are listed on my profile in the bio section of this website. Thank you again to everyone who made this possible and I cannot wait to share all of this with you. The album review for Kenny Chesney’s newest, “Songs for the Saints” will be out soon!


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