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Last week I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, the home of country music as well as a major cultural hub in the United States. During my three days in Music City I had the opportunity to sit down with one of country’s youngest and brightest new duos, CB30. Made-up of 18-year-old Christian and 15-year-old Brody, these two are the sons of well-known country songwriter Jay Clementi who has had cuts for some of country music’s biggest names including Dierks Bentley, Darius Rucker and Luke Bryan. In fact, it was Bryan, a family friend, who discovered the boy’s knack for performing while they were playing honky-tonks up and down Lower-Broadway, like so many young artists do. Luke has proved to be a major force in their young careers, connecting them with many industry players that would ultimately earn them a record deal with Buena Vista Records.

Brothers Christian (right) and Brody (left) make up the pop-country duo "CB30"

Their name is something quite unique, it comes from both of their first initials and the day that they were born on in their respective months: March 30th for Brody and May 30th for Christian. Brody admitted that it took a while to come up with, “We were going back and forth with our Dad and our manager but finally decided on CB30. It took a while but we finally came up with it.”

When asked about their influences and what artists they draw inspiration from in their music it was not only contemporary country artists such as Thomas Rhett, Dan + Shay and Luke Bryan, but also pop stars such as Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber. I was even surprised when they said that their favorite artist to listen to was Bazzi, as well as Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, and Post Malone.

It may come as a surprise to those not too involved in the industry, but the vast majority of artists do not come from Nashville originally. Most artists come from all over the south, Midwest and entire U.S., trying to forge a career on Music Row. This is somewhere Christian and Brody stand out, having grown up in Nashville they got to see the industry in a different light.

“Our dad just writes songs as he is walking around the house,” says Brody “We literally grew up around it, so it wasn’t a surprise to us. We knew the business and knew how it worked which helped out a lot.”

Most artists are fortunate enough to get to play festivals such as Stagecoach and CMA Fest at some point in their careers, while this pair has already had the privilege to play both before their 15th and 18th birthdays respectively. They even had the chance to grace the famed circle of the Grand Ole Opry. Though it was a taping for CMA Country Christmas and not an actual Opry performance, the three of us still agreed that it counts and is something extremely special. The pair has even opened up a handful of stadium shows for Luke Bryan at Denver, St. Louis and Detroit during his last tour.

“It has been really crazy,” said Brody with a smile “We never knew we would be able to do something like this. Even opening up some shows for Luke was amazing.”

“It’s crazy to think that could even happened,” beamed Christian “That was amazing.”

Going back to their performance at the Opry, Christian seemed humbled. “To say that you’ve played the Grand Ole Opry is so cool too. Even though it was for CMA Christmas, [as compared to the Opry show] it still counts.” He said with a smile.

During my half hour that I was able to talk with Christian and Brody, both on and off the record, I was very impressed. To see two young men who have had some success and remain so grounded and appreciative of what they have earned so far in their careers was extremely uplifting. We talked about everything from college football, trips to Colorado and even confirmed that we were all on the right side of the various “Chevy vs. Ford,” “Hunting vs. Fishing” and “College Football vs. Basketball” debates. CB30 has brand new music out now called “That Moment When” and can be found on all social media platforms at @CB30music.

Thanks to the boys of CB30 for sitting down with me, as well as Buena Vista Records, UMG Nashville and Capitol Nashville for making this possible. Click the link below to listen to our full conversation on Apple Podcasts.

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