• Matt McAuliffe

For the Love of God Take (The Quarter Zip) OFF!

Listen...I get it. We all have that lucky t-shirt or that sweatshirt that fits oh so right. For me, its my grey North Face quarter zip. I love it...but do I have to wear it IN EVERY PHOTO TAKEN FOR FROM THE BLEACHERS. I'm serious... go look. Look right now. Under the "About From The Bleachers" tab in EVERY PHOTO IM WEARING THE QUARTER ZIP.

Every photo! To make the situation even worse its not like these photos were taken on the same day and I'm just posing with different people. Each one of these photos on the site ARE FROM DIFFERENT DAYS! Those three are not just the only ones. My profile picture on the site? Yup, I'm also wearing it. So here is my message to myself.

Matt, JUST TAKE IT OFF MAN. Enough is enough. You have enough photos of you in the quarter zip. Matt you can keep the smile, you can keep the hair, keep the beard even. As for the quarter zip thats GOT TO GO MAN. You have more clothes! You have some nice polos, and t-shirts, and even other quarter zips! You don't have to keep wearing that one man. I get that it fit great and that it was good for the colder weather, but its a new year so lets find some variety in our clothing choices this year man, or at least when photos are being taken.

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