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Brock Lesnar RUINED the main event.

Last night, WWE's mid fall PPV, Hell in a Cell, took place in San Antonio, Texas. It was a solid PPV where we saw the right people win their respective championships. Becky Lynch FINALLY won the title. Rousey, New Day, Ziggler and McIntyre, and AJ Styles all retained. Great, but everyone is still talking about the main event.

Roman Reigns took on Braun Strowman in a hellacious Hell in a Cell match. They went to war. Using everything inside the structure to their advantage. Stairs, Chairs, Tables caused this match to be classified as a "car crash." Interference by both men's tag team partners would have been a great way to end the match (especially since Ziggler and Rollins went through the announcers' tables), but someone else had other plans.

Brock Lesnar does the unthinkable. Music hits. Crowd pops. Heyman and Lesnar storm out. Lesnar rocking all black, not wearing a WWE sponsored shirt. He kicks down the door. Beats the holy hell out of Strowman and Reigns. Hits them with F5s. Leaves the ring with Heyman after Heyman pepper sprayed Foley in the face. Match ends due to both men "not being able to compete."

Social media has blown up by this. A match finish that has upset wrestling fans. Wow, I haven't seen this before. WWE wants a crazy interference in a match that will spark the crowd during a match. They already did that with the Shield and Ziggler and McIntyre. THEY FOUGHT ON TOP OF THE CELL!! What else do you need in a match? Either man could have won after that run in and I would have been content. But, creative had other plans. Why bring him in? Will he be at the SuperShow in Aussie? I do NOT care. Lesnar should ride off in the sunset, come back in a couple years for his induction to the Hall of Fame and a mini Wrestlemania moment.

Lesnar's interference caused a longer delay of Strowman becoming champion. Braun Strowman should be Universal Champion. The man has been the most destructive superstar for the past year and a half. HE FLIPPED A PRODUCTION TRUCK AND TOOK DOWN A STAGE FOR GOD SAKES!! HOW HAS THIS MAN NOT WON A TITLE?!?!

I am tired of seeing Roman Reigns with a championship. I love him in the Shield. I love to see the Shield succeed, but Reigns as an individual needs to stay out of the main event picture. Strowman is capable of bringing prestige to the title. He will put on great matches defending it. Brock Lesnar ruined the possibility of this happening AND ruined his money in the bank cash in opportunity. If he is not champion by Survivor Series, there is a very good chance we will never see him as champion in the company.

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