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Andrew Benintendi Nearly Killed Joe Castiglione Last Night

In case you live under a rock and missed it, the Red Sox won a thriller last night, 8-6 in Houston, and sit one win away from their first World Series appearance since 2013.

With the bases loaded and two outs in the 9th inning, Alex Bregman lined a ball to left. On came outfielder Andrew Benintendi, who did this:

WHATTA PLAY by Benny out there in left. It takes guts to lay out for a ball with the tying and winning runs on base, but that's exactly what he did. Listen back to the clip; you can hear the crowd go from 100 to 0 in a split second.

That being said, the play has since been overshadowed by something that happened because of it.

Legendary Sox play-by-play man (and From The Bleachers favorite) Joe Castiglione was calling the 9th inning of yesterday's thriller. When Bregman hit the ball, he launched into what had the chance to be another highlight-reel radio call.

Instead, however, this happened:

Here's the audio:

From Chad Finn's article in the Boston Globe, "Said Castiglione Thursday, 'I started to backpedal in my chair to stand up, and the wheels moved — and I didn’t. Tim was there with the save. He actually caught me. I got right up.'"


Now THAT is the passion I'm looking for! Joe Castig literally lost control of his bodily functions because he was so excited.

Yes, it would've been better if it was a TV broadcast, and must've sounded very strange to those listening on the radio. But still, a radio broadcaster putting his body on the line to give the fans the call they deserve. That's what it's all about.

Also, quick shout out to Tim Neverett for saving this baseball icon from cracking the back of his skull open. You're a keeper.

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