An Unpredictable Ending, To An Unforgettable Experience. Thank you, Quinnipiac.

It started as an automated phone call. A call that told me to look for an email sent out by President Olian. If any of you know me I can be positive to a point where I am just delusional, and to think there was good news waiting for me in my inbox was exactly that… I was delusional. I thought within the email there would be progressive news, but just like everything else on my social media, television, and newspaper feeds… it was bad news.

I went numb.

I was weak.

My mind was racing with a thousand different emotions, yet I couldn’t release a single word.

I felt cheated.

I felt robbed.

I felt disappointed, angry, sad and understanding all at the same time.

With every cancellation my heart got ripped further and further out of my chest. Then came the final blow.

The email stated that the university was not going to allow students back on campus for the rest of spring semester. Being a second semester senior this meant my time at Quinnipiac had come to an end.

When I day dreamed of my final good bye blog to Quinnipiac I expected it to be posted in mid-May after walking across a stage to accept a diploma. I also thought it would be with a vibe that was all positive and reflective, and some of this will be, but damn this is unbelievable.

I did not expect my time at Quinnipiac to end like this. Each and every day I walked on that campus I kissed the grass that grew there. I made sure to smile and walk with pride EVERYDAY because I was honored to be a Bobcat, and I still am.

That’s the frustrating thing, I know why the school had to close for the rest of the semester, I know how serious and unpredictable this situation is, but I can still be disappointed. I can still be upset because myself and the rest of my class won’t get their official last.

I won’t get an official last game day to cover.

I won’t get an official sign off in the WQAQ studio.

I won’t get a last live improv show. Being a performer, and apart of this improv trope for four years gave me some of my favorite memories.

I won’t get an official last sing along at Dick’s.

That is not fair. It is not fair at all, but one can’t dwell on something that they can’t control.

That doesn’t mean I can’t say thank you though. That doesn’t mean I can’t try and have my finals through the next best way:

I want to thank everyone I have ever crossed passed with during my time at Quinnipiac. Whether it was one conversation or you were my best friend, love, teacher, mentor, co-worker, boss, administrator, athlete, bartender, whatever, you know who you are, you helped me grow.

Specifically I want to thank my roommates, Quinnipiac Athletics, the media suite, the School of Communications, the athletes, the entire senior class, and of course my family.

My roommates, The Tree House: The Day Ones. You guys were my rocks at the end of every day. Whether it was our late night talks, our reality television, our Wii golf, our hilarious messages and dms, our trips to brownstone, our real golf, our Sunday morning weekend recaps, our trips to the casino, and every night out I had the time of my life. You all are friends of mine for life. You made my time at Quinnipiac so enjoyable and so worth it. You guys always had my back whether we were riding our highs or fighting through our lows. We ALWAYS rode together. I am a lucky dude to have found friends that I can keep for life.

Quinnipiac Athletics and the Athletes: Working for this athletic department, and sharing the stories of all the athletes has been an absolute honor. It was here where I built my portfolio site and grew as a professional all while sharing incredible stories. Getting to know the athletes stories that I did was some of my favorite times of my week. I have heard some incredible stories, and met some incredible people through covering sports. Every game I worked, and every athlete that I interviewed, I hope that I made some type of impact on you, because you sure did that for me. Every road trip a team took me on I grew, and was so thankful and they gave me memories I will forever carry. Specifically the trips with women’s basketball and working a national tournament game. To baseball, and women’s lacrosse for the friendships we grew. To women’s and men’s hockey for the generosity and more. To the sports information office thank you. Nick, Jack, Kevin, Maggie, Nick and all the administration and coaches thank you. Thank you for taking a chance on a kid with a heavy Boston accent and an occasional wobbly shot. Learning and growing under you guys has meant more that the words I am typing. I have grown as a professional because of that office.

The Media Suite crew: All of the debates, meals, and escapes this room gave me were an awesome part of my Quinnipiac experience. To all of you that I have crossed waves with in that suite… thank you. A lot of you in there put a smile on my face every time I walked in there. A lot of you will be successful, and I will be keeping an eye on all of your work in the future. I also hope you know now that you should never take advantage of any game day or day of class you are given at this great university, it can be taken away from you at any point.

The School of Communications: Every class and assignment I handed in. Every faculty member I have interacted with and took a course with helped me grow. I am proud to forever be an alumni of this school. I hope that I can leave this school and finish my classes with you seeing me in a positive, respectful, and professional light. That is all I can ask for. This school gave me all of the knowledge that I needed to implement my skills into the professional world, and I am forever grateful for that. I hope I made an impact on you too, and that I am a student you will remember for years to come.

The Senior Class: This sucks. Do not get me wrong… everything about this SUCKS. We were straight up robbed, but we can’t blame anyone. This was an uncontrollable situation. As I stated early you can be disappointed that it happened, but you cannot be mad at anyone or anything that has to do with our situation. This virus was completely unexpected and grew at an alarming rate. We still can reflect and smile at all of things we have accomplished over the last four years though. We now have a responsibility to carry ourselves with a professional and mature manner. This is how we want to be remembered. We are the class of 2020 we are not just the COVID-19 class. I am proud of everything this class has accomplished, and I cannot WAIT to see where everyone goes. I also cannot WAIT for the next alumni weekend we can all come together and celebrate what we accomplished. We have to live OUR legend now. We already lived THE legend with our time here at QU, now it is time to live OUR legend. It is time to spread the Quinnipiac name, and make the school that we gave so much to proud. Despite the circumstances, we are forever Bobcats.

My Family: My love and appreciation goes without saying. The sacrifices, investments, love and care you guys gave me means more than I can express on this page. I do not know how I can repay you for all of the sacrifices, so all I hope is that I made you proud. I hope that you can tell your friends about me with a smile on your face when I am out in the professional world. All I ever wanted is to make you guys proud.

I fell in love with Quinnipiac, and grew more than I ever thought I would at the university. So thank you again Quinnipiac. Thank you for everything you gave me. Every memory, meal, class, stress, success, performance, facility, night out, friend, game day, and beautiful view.

My only hope is that I left a big enough impression on a school that gave me everything. I hope that my efforts and attitude day in and day out will be seen as a positive one. I hope that I can be remembered as a respectful student, a hard and passionate worker, and a great friend and classmate. I know I wasn’t a perfect man. I do know that I left a better man then I came in as thanks to Quinnipiac, so I hope that I gave back just as much.

Quinnipiac you will forever be a piece of me, and to all of Bobcat nation thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

These last four years have been one hell of a ride.

With that I say goodbye and thank you for the final time as an undergraduate student. The next time I see you I will be an alumni.

Yours forever,

Matt McAuliffe

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