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4th and Goal: Blog Episode

It's another edition of 4th and Goal, sort of. We were not able to record an episode this week due to conflicting schedules between my co-host, Ben, and I. We are student-podcasters, not podcasting students; there is a difference. However, the NFL decided to start the offseason with some major stories, so it is our job to give you the news and our opinions. Sit back, grab a beverage, and strap in. We have a lot to unpack.

Monday: Kyler Murray chooses football

Kyler Murray tweeted a photo Monday afternoon stating that his main focus is to be an NFL Quarterback:


Well done Kyler. In the words of Johnny Bananas, you "took the money and ran." As a first round draft pick, if he is selected there, Murray will be guaranteed at least a four year contract in the millions. In the MLB, Murray would not sniff a million dollars for at least five to six years. That is if he even makes the majors and succeeds. In the NFL, there are many teams that need a quarterback. The best case scenario for Murray is to be drafted 6th overall to the New York Giants, sit behind Eli for a year, then take control of that offense. Eli Manning has his faults, but he is a two time Super Bowl champion. He knows a thing or two. Murray has an uphill battle, but there's green at the top of the mountain.

Monday: Kareem Hunt signs with the Cleveland Browns

What are you doing Cleveland?!? You just came off of one of your organization's best seasons in five years, you drafted the future in Baker AND Nick Chubb. Chubb was the number one rated running back according to Pro Football Focus during the last few weeks of the season. You changed the losing culture in the organization to a positive winning one. Then, you do this. I do not understand this signing. It is a bad look from a public relations stand point. You gained fans from Hard Knocks. They remained fans through the rollercoaster of a season. I was one of these fans. I saw change, now that change has vanished.

Tuesday: Antonio Brown requests trade from Steelers

This week on Keeping Up with the Steelers, Antonio Brown is fed up with the Steelers organization. He wants to be treated and paid like the number one wide receiver he is. He believes he should be the highest paid wide out in the NFL. Blah blah blah. Listen Antonio, I'm going to give you some advice. STOP ACTING LIKE A DIVA. THIS AINT SHOW BIZ. I agree that you should get out of Pittsburgh, but the way you are going about it is toxic. Brown's behavior has been worse than Le'veon's and look how that turned out. Enough of the social media videos and pictures with deeper meanings. You don't get to "do what you want." The Steelers control your fate this year, bud.

Wednesday: Joe Flacco is traded to Denver

Flacco will be trading his purple and black for orange and blue this season. A trade that caused my jaw to hit that floor. I asked myself why ship him off to the Rocky Mountains, but then it began to make sense. Although, Keenum threw for a record 3890 yards, he only had two games over 300 yards. His completion percentage dropped to 62% and only threw for 18 touchdowns. Those are not terrible numbers, but those numbers gave the Broncos a 6-10 record and third place in the AFC West. The Broncos have a great young offense core for the future in Sutton and Lindsay. Lindsay shocked the league finishing as the RB12 with 1037 and 10 total TDs. Sutton's role increased after the Thomas trade. He finished the year with 704 yards and 4 touchdowns. Flacco has multiple seasons over 3800 yards and only 2 seasons(excluding this one because of the "injury") below 18 touchdowns. However, over the past two seasons, Keenum's stats edge Flacco's

It will be interesting to find out who takes control of the Broncos offense. My way too early prediction will be Flacco takes the reigns, Keenum backs him up, Broncos fight for a wild card spot at a solid 8-8 record.

Congratulations NFL, you have already had a more exciting offseason than the MLB. You've given us controversy, drama, and a massive trade(that cannot be official until March 13th). The season ended two weeks ago! Wow! Get your popcorn ready, grab your phone, and buckle up for the 2019 NFL Offseason.

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